Angular VS React 2022: Which Framework Should You Choose and Why So?

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June 10, 2022
Angular vs React
Choosing the right technology for the project could be difficult since the performance depends on so many factors yet for faster development and continuous delivery choosing the right framework is crucial. Angular vs React has numerous points to consider in order to develop a scalable application.

Angular vs React which one is best is a popular debate online among the development community. Some common conflict zones are the following questions for every rookie developer.

  • What is more popular when it comes to the question of Angular vs React for your upcoming frontend development?
  • What are the similarities and differences when we think Angular vs React?
  • Which framework will be the best choice for your project?

The reason behind this is simple; there are lots of frontend development frameworks and valuable libraries available in the web market, such as React JS, Angular, Node JS, Vue JS, jQuery, Backbone JS, Ember JS, Meteor JS, Polymer, etc. Popularity depends on new entries, structure, trends, and project requirements.   

Want to watch all the differences in summary video? Click Here

Among all the JS frameworks and libraries, the most popular frameworks are Angular and React. But, unfortunately, most companies and newbies teams get confused when trying to decide on Angular vs React. In this blog, we tried to help you understand the key points of Angular vs React 2022 and we significantly describe the differences between Angular & React to pick the right framework for your project.

In addition, you’re going to get ideas about extended required questions too. Which one is easy to learn and maintain in the long run, angular or react? Uses of Angular vs React 2022 versions and many more. So let's start rolling down to find out what you need to know most to start your project. 

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What is Angular? 

angular framework stats

Giant Google developed Angular for their own work. Angular has two versions AngularJs and Angular. Here we are not discussing AngularJs but rather the updated version of Angular. Angular is a component-based framework. and a Typescript based framework. Angular follows oop principles very well. This scalable framework is quite famous due to two-way data binding & dependency injection.  

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As a full-featured framework, it has huge support and backup. It helps to develop dynamic and single-page (SPA) web apps. In addition, Angular supports the MVC structure. So, developers can write HTML syntax directly.   

Prerequisites For Using Angular 

  • HTML 
  • JavaScript or TypeScript
  • OOP programming concept will be beneficial

What is React?  

react framework stats

React is not a framework though many people call it a react framework. It is the favourite open-source javascript library for building user interfaces for web and mobile apps. Facebook created the framework for their own work that allows you to make UI components even, you can do mobile development. React language always uses server-side rendering for providing a flexible, performance-oriented solution. it also uses a virtual document object model to render faster whether it's mobile development or web development.  

Generally, react usage in single-page or mobile applications. It is more enjoyable when working with state management and rendering. The applications need additional libraries for routing as well as client-side methods. React has a great community and the community support is great.

Prerequisites for using React 

  • Minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Minimal understanding of ES6 features.   
  • Minimal understanding of how to use NPM.  

Comparative Difference Between React and Angular

Most people find it confusing to choose between ReactJs and Angular as some people mix the comparison like AngularJs and ReactJs. But Angular is different from Angular Js and Let’s examine the impact of Angular on the web as well.

Here you can have a look at the comparisons and overall summary:

Current version13.3.318.0.0
Developed & Maintained ByGoogleFacebook
Release yearAngularJs(2010), Angular(2016)React was released at 2013
Programming Language useJavaScript, TypeScriptJavaScript, TypeScript
Cross-Platform CompatibilityWeb, Android, IosAndroid, Ios
TypeFull-fledged FrameworkA Library like AngularJs
Language & Template EngineTypescript, HTML, CSSJSX, JavaScript
App SizeRelatively smallRelatively Small
DOMReal DOMVirtual DOM
Data BindingBi-directionalUni-directional
RenderingClient-Server modelClient-Server model
Third-party toolsNot neededNeeded
Dependency managementAutomaticNeed separate tools
App Boot TimingSlowerFast
Overall PerformanceHighHigh
CommunityLarge and ActiveLarge and Active
Github Stats80.8k stars187k stars
Best Use casesApps with complex data structureApps with multiple UI activity
Companies useGoogle AdwordsNetflix, Airbnb

Angular Framework Terminologies to Get Familiar With 

a. Components - Angular components are classes that interact with the HTML files and get displayed on the browser. There are a few types of component categories in Angular, e.g UI components. Writing components in Angular is easy since it has a very powerful CLI.angular model view view model architecture

b. Services - In the Javascript framework A service is just a function that is available for Angular components, and services in dynamic web apps where code is written in Angular. Services are being called from UI components so the underlying data communication and data binding happens incredibly fast.   

c. Modules - Angular one key feature is a module and In functional programming, the Javascript framework Angular refers module as a place to collect parts, directions, pipes, and services. State management libraries and third-party libraries were able to evolve in the Angular ecosystem because of module declaration. 

d. Pipes: Pipes are nice features that help to transform or filter the data binding value during the angular change detection phase.

Read also: 8 Proven Reasons on Why Angular Framework Is The Best

React Framework Terminologies to Get Familiar With 

a). DOM- DOM means "Document Object Model". It is a programming skeleton for both HTML and XML documents.  

b). Virtual Dom- Virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where a good representation, or “visible”, UI is stored in memory and synchronized with a real DOM by a library similar to React DOM. 

c). JSX- JSX is a React extension that helps us write JavaScript-like HTML. 

d). Transpiler- A "transpiler" is one type of compiler that converts syntax one into another.  

e). Materials- Small building blocks elements for React applications.  

f). Parts- Parts are pieces of code independent and reusable. 

g). Hooks- Recently, hooks have been added in React 16.8. 

Core Features of Angular as a full-fledged framework

  • Developed and maintained by Google, a full-fledged component and module-based frontend framework.
  • Component-based architecture similar to MVC 
  • Typescript is better tooling 
  • Cleaner code and higher scalability 
  • RxJS is efficient, asynchronous programming  
  • Hierarchical dependency injection and universal support 
  • Backed by Google's long-term  technological support 
  • Connected with material design now 
  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI 
  • Include IDEs, UI locations, universal server-side rendering 
  • Analytics tools, ASP .NET, data libraries, etc.  
  • Angular elements are reuseable 
  • Angular directives for adding or removing elements  
  • DOM tree as well as extend HTML capabilities. 

Core Features of React Library

  • React library is aimed to build cross-platform UI components developed and maintained by Facebook.
  • Fast development. Development can start with less planning.
  • React has a hot reloading feature to observe changes faster during development.
  • Provides several ready-to-use components  
  • Codebases are reusable for both iOS and Android.  
  • React latest version speed up both build features and fix bugs 
  • React app written with React Native and Swift 
  • Fun to work with React 
  • Simplified UI firmly based on creating mobile UI 
  • React Native has a tremendous open-source platform   
  • Community to contribute the knowledge

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Angular vs React

What is angular good for?

Angular speed up front-end development and can also provide the best solution for fast and efficient data-driven Web applications. Because it is built by Google Engineers, it's easy to know it's trustworthy and effective. In addition to the functionality of Angular XML, it has the ability to add java scripts in browsers by removing the JavaScript code to ensure the functionality of applications.

What is React good for?

ReactJS is a free-to-use library. The view layer on a project is handled in its application, and the developer preference is to create reusable elements for the user interface. Data can be easily altered without removing a page. ReactJS was incorporated on Twitter and later on Instagram feeds. Typically, the large scale application uses Reactjs to load the content without refreshing the page.

What Are the Drawbacks of Angular? 

  1. A hierarchical tree-like architecture- Due to the layered structure, the Angular can be a difficult frame to fix.   
  2. Performance Tradeoff- OLD devices will be super busy due to two-way data binding   
  3. Heavily weighted framework- Good framed but heavy frame.   
  4. Migration- The process is not very easy but is also not impossible.

What Are the Drawbacks of React? 

Troubleshooting Problems- Developers may encounter various problems with package compatibility or debugging tools when working on React projects. 

Lack of Other Custom Modules- Though React framework matured now but still has some opportunities for some components. While upgrading custom modules, one can end up with three component codes (RN, Android, and iOS) instead of just one. 

Update problems- Too complex to update with React the latest version.

When to Choose Angular? 

  1. Continuous Web Applications- It changes the power of application development, and it looks like Angular has the absolute ability to build a constant web app
  2. Enterprise Web Apps- Angular depends on TypeScript. TypeScript has all features to build a business-related application.  
  3. Applications With Flexible Content- Angular sets reasons for single-page requests—ideal for projects where content changes as varied as user behaviour and movement.

When You Should Use React? 

  1. Dashboards or Data Recognition Tools: Dashboards or data recognition tools are used in React. Especially in operational conditions such as BI and Machine-learning, they are essential for data identification. 
  2. Partial Reuse: You have the freedom to build reusable components to be more organized. In addition, virtual DOM helps to update quickly and efficiently. To track real data all-time, the screen needs to update continuously.   
  3. The Benefits of SPA in a Social Networking App: While a powerful social networking site uploads a new page to respond to all users' requests, the only part of the SPA will change when users click any button.  
  4. Perform Social Sharing and SEO: Basic SPA is provided on the client-side, which means that the built-in .js file is starting to download before the full page starts loading.  

Some Use Cases Angular might not be best choice

Most of the time, Angular puts extra responsibility on unprofitable projects. So, you should not use Angular if you have plans to develop a project related to the given below.   

I. The Angular Framework is SEO Friendly 

Some people think Angular is less SEO-friendly. So, users need to make extra efforts to improve performance. Therefore, if your goal is to be top of search engine results, then Angular is not good to choose. But the latest version included angular universal which is pretty easy to implement for SEO implementation.

II. Short-term Projects  

Angular project development should not be preferred if not strong in budget and resources. Furthermore, Angularis comparably hard to learn and manage framework with a small team of engineers. 

While it is possible to use Angular for micro-services, it is not common that Angular is not chosen for micro-service architecture due to flexibility in terms of tools selection. One of the reasons is Angular is mostly chosen for enterprise-level projects where the microservice architecture can be applied differently.

III. Lightweight Apps Having Static Content

For small projects, Angular programming adds some complexity only. So, it’s wise to avoid it.  

Few Use Cases where React might not be the ideal choice:

I. When the project requires real-time updates that cannot be handled by React's virtual DOM. For example, we can say about the system that handles too many incoming and outgoing connections like the forex trading system.

II. When the project is very data-intensive and would benefit from using a library like Angular or Vue.js that can handle more complex data structures. E.g. Realtime Iot device data process and report generation.

III. When the project is time-sensitive and needs to be completed quickly, as React can take longer to learn and set up than other frameworks. Also if the team is not familiar with React it might slow down the development speed compared to the already familiar ones.

Example of Popular Web Apps Built using Angular and React 

A lot of enterprise business has chosen angular apps rather than other technologies though it is assumed that there is a steeper learning curve in Angular development. Here is an example of some web apps using angular as the frontend javascript library.

Some Other Popular Services Built with Angular

Forbes: Forbes is a globally popular magazine that represents strong characters.

Google Voice: These telephone services are suitable for call-related services like forwarding and voicemail services and voice and text messaging.  

Google Messages: Messages app (formerly known as Android Messages) related to SMS, RCS, and instant messaging. Google developed it to run its Android mobile operating system.   

Google Play Books: Google Play Books is a highly recommended eBook digital distribution service. Google mainly operates it. But now, part of it is on the Google Play product line. 

Microsoft Office Home: Microsoft Office is developed by Microsoft.   

Nikhttps://nike.comeNike is a famous brand and American international organization. Mainly it works in design, development, production, and marketing. Nike sells sports clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. 

Freelancer: Freelancer means a pattern of work where they are self-employed and are not committed for the long run. 

Upwhttps://upwork.comorkUpwork is an American freelancing platform for all sectors. In 2015, Elance and oDesk merged and named Upwork.   

General Motors: It is an automobile company. 

Paypal: PayPal Holdings, Inc. is one of the best multinational financial technology companies. It is an online payments system for most countries. 

Telegram: Telegraph is an instant messaging (IM) system. This service also provides encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and a few other features. 

Popular Web App and Services Based on React 

Netflix uses Reactjs to provide low-performance devices with the ability to stream high-speed content. Similar to Netflix, Netflix uses ReactJS for improved runtime performance and modularization and to increase startup speeds.

The New York Times: The New York Times recently developed an entire brand new project which will focus on different celebrity appearances. The program has been designed on a ReactJS platform allowing users to apply filtering and see the photographs they like. ReactJS allowed the complete re-rendering. This feature was outstanding.

Some other famous services built with React

Facebook: Facebook, Inc. The most popular communication platform with a technology company.  Now, it's under the tech company named is "Meta".  

Yahoo! Email: Yahoo! Email is one of the popular email services launched on October 8, 1997. 

Khan Academy: "Khan Academy" is a non-profit educational company established in 2008 by Bollywood actor "Salman Khan" with an aim to help students by creating a set of online tools.  

WhatsApp: WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp easily, is a free American service, cross-platform centralized messaging (IM), and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service run by Facebook, Inc. 

Dropbox: Dropbox is a file management service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco and California. 

New York Times: NY Times is a New York City-based newspaper with some international readers.  

Netflix: Netflix, Inc. is a top American media service and the first software production company. 

Walmart: Walmart Inc. is an American retailer that uses a network of hypermarkets (also called supercenters), discount stores, and grocery stores from the United States, the capital of Bentonville, Arkansas.  

Bloomberg: The boomerang is a tossed tool, often constructed as a flat airfoil, designed to rotate the axis facing the plane. 

Instagram: One of the most popular social networking sites created by Kevin System and Mike Krieger. 

Which one is better between Angular vs React? 

It will be quite naive to select any of them as better than other, but it is better than other in specific use cases. Also, it is highly dependent on the project manager or team choice and their flexibility to work.

Before any comparison of Angular vs React we all should know that both Angular and React was developed aiming to handle a different kind of projects. While Angular has some sort of advantages over React usages in certain types of projects, on the other hand, similar kinds of experienced people shared for React as well.

So there is no absolute winner in Angular vs React 2022. But let's try to go over some sort of differences between Angular vs React workflow that will give us the idea to choose the best from Angular vs React.

It appears that Angular is an easier choice because it's a full-stack MVC framework that requires minimal additional library libraries. In other words, ReactJS does require another library, but it depends on what you want to achieve.

a). Purpose

Angular provides a full-fledged framework for the software developer. Angular therefore requires no additional libraries for functions like data binding project creation components-based routing dependency injection and forms validation. Furthermore, an analysis is made of Angular to determine the structure of applications. It also provides various integrated small libraries, useful for developing complex software.

React is a library to build user interfaces. In fact, React requires additional libraries to run the application.

b). Supported Langauge

Angular supports TypeScript, supersets of JavaScript and statically typed languages. Typography can be spotted easily by Typographic script. in general, the code is more intuitive to read.

React is written in JavaScript ES6+ together with JSX script. The JavaScript script includes an extension to the syntax. React allows compiling JSX code on the web using an external code translation tool like Babel. React can even be written in typescripts, however, this does not have native integration.

c). Data Binding

The main difference between them is while React uses one-way data binding computations then Angular uses two-way data bindings. Changing the UI feature will also change the status of the corresponding Angular model.

data binding - react & angular

However, React has one-way data binding methods. Some feel that Angular is initially easy, whereas React is recommendable for large projects with debugging.   

d). Performance

Angular use of Standard DOM causes potential operational problems. According to measure performance, React has virtual DOM which is much faster due to its flexible functionality and virtual tree updates than the Angular DOM. 

While ReactJS is known to increase the performance of the app, Angular does not fall behind. Angular focuses all its efforts on the optimization of programming practices that lead to an established level of continuous improvement.

Angular vs React performance can be considered a critical consideration. Optimized digestion cycles in code structures - for example. During the development of further modules, monitoring loop optimization may confirm changes previously assessed.

e). Community

According to Angular and React Github Repositories, we can find significant differences between React Native vs Angular due to donation and involvement. React garnered 6.7 thousand viewers, while Angular has 3.2 thousand viewers.  

front end development trends to watch in 2022

React has 151 stars, and Angular has less than 62,000 stars. React's & Github repository is 29.4 thousand times fork.

Angular fork is 16.9 thousand times. By 2020, React had 1,390 donations, and Angular with 1,129 grants.  

However, some years ago, the number of engineers using Angular was much higher than those using React. 

f). Learning Curves 

Many people think that is angular harder than React to learn while real-life cases are not that. Angular vs React both can be developed using Javascript or TypeScript while Angular prefers typescript as we know TypeScript is a strictly typed language. 

Angular is not hard to learn but it is an MVC architecture based framework, so people with OOP development experience cant learn fast. The angular learning curve is high compared to React with a low learning curve that is difficult to understand at first. 

React learning curve is relatively less since one can start learning to react just by having Javascript experience. Besides this quite more react learning tutorials available compared to the Angular Learning tutorials.

g). Is Angular easy to learn for frontend development?

Having first used Angular, it was easier to use than React. Angular has a large vocabulary for learning. However, the tutorial helped accelerate the development of my application. Angular documentation is much longer as the library has more built-in features and functions because Angular solves the problem more quickly.

A bit of Angular's coding also seemed more verbose because Angular has more boilerplate. I used several library options that Angular has. For example, Angular Material enables a complex structure with a low implementation time and is inspired by Google Material Design.

h). Is React easy to learn for frontend development?

React offers a shorter learning curve and ramp-up times. React provides more flexible platform-based solutions to mobile applications than Angular. React lets you make fewer assumptions about how the code will behave.

To begin learning the syntax of React: JSON. I didn't find it hard since I liked the notion of containing the whole component code into one. The first hurdle I faced in a project was requesting a REST request from a backend.

Axios was my choice for this purpose. I then thought about rendering content using a URL. It happens frequently with one-page SPA applications. To solve it I had a router connected. I figured out what it was and went for a standard React routing library react-router. They've posted very good examples online, so we worked together very quickly.

i). Server side rendering

Angular provides a way of making Web crawlers easier to find by generating static applications quickly. Angular re-creates applications by creating static views before fully interfacing with the client application.

The ability to combine JSON and client-side caching can help improve server-side performance. It doesn't beat Angular's traffic reduction capability. Angular's design has inbuilt test requirements like dependency injection and mocking a given object. We don't have any doubts about Angular's future updates.

j). Optimizing Bundle File

When I worked with Angular the handling of simple applications was very simple. Although the size of the bundle is quite difficult. Most websites which are unable to load after one click are unlikely to get enough clicks. This file must also be downloaded from an initial page and therefore the optimization must occur primarily in this regard.

An integrated compiler allows Angular to understand browser code and its bundled file. This speeds up the compilation of browsers to make it more intuitive.

k). Routing

In general, the route of the React and Angular handle is slightly different. Angular provides route service, but React requires engineers to install their own.  React uses the Router component like Angular's <router-outlet> </router-outlet>.  

l). For Code Quality

We use angular CLI and other tools to improve the quality of our Codes, to ensure angular standards for all our projects. As an AngularCLI user, it has provided great integration across our entire project. Integrations like Angular Cores, Angular materials are easy to implement and maintain our expectations.

AngularCLI reduces Angular's learning curve and allows for predictive behaviour in compiling code for users. This allows for quick builds and reduces iteration time for developers, the latter resulting in poor quality code.

m). Maintainability of Code

It's primarily used to build a one-page application. A simple web application requires a complex structure and multiple programming modules. Because of this sometimes it occurs that programs are placed into different folders. Maintaining such an intricate structure and maintaining the application rich is advisable in selecting the most suitable framework that offers complex maintenance while also having the ability to handle complex name conventions.

The best practices of the Angular Style guide are generally used in most situations when a standard SPA is required to manage an application. On the other hand React is famous for ugly JSX code but some people create their own code quality rules which can work very well.

n) Testing

You can use Jest as React project included it all over the project.  On the contradictory, Angular uses Jasmin for testing.   

Testing in dynamic languages such a JavaScript is hard to attain 100% testing goals. This explains why Javascript must provide strong testing requirements in its programming language. Angular has several functions like separating unit code and was designed with the concern terms of testability in mind.

Angular enables dependency injection by introducing dependencies on the components and enabling it to mock the components. While writing a test mocking a component not already in the test environment would be preferred. The software will detect other parts in a function and predict its interaction.

o). Material Design & Scalability 

The basic design is an integrated system symbol of visual design, movement, and interaction.  

The main Angular design can be categorized by "Front-end Frameworks", while the React Storybook is compiled under "MVC Tools". An important Angular Design and React Storybook are both open-source tools.     

Angular is easy to scale and has a CLI. In order to build re-usable and scalable components React is a framework with the virtual DOM.  

p). Popularity Growth

Angular or React both gained popularity in discussions forums as well as among developer's communities. In terms of the popularity statistics for each platform, Angular has 55.686 stars while Reactjs has 416,616 stars. However, ReactJS can be used in the same way as an Angular library. front end development trends to watch in 2022

Angular maintains the same standard on getting stars as library framework Reactjs. React has a higher number of stars and lower number of issues because it's released early.

React is the most used web framework in development with more than 75 % popularity amongst. Angular is lower at 57.3% developer's interest. React vs Angular Stack Overflow 2018 survey.

q). Community support

In recent times React has become more popular among developers via Github and NPM. It received over 135k ratings on GitHub — proving its popularity in a large developer community. StackOverFlow says its 2017 report shows the popularity of the framework in general.

Another survey found that 75% of React users will be using it again. Despite the virtual DOM implementation React is well known to the community. The virtual DOM enables an application to update faster compared to an Angular app. However, Angular is supported by Google Adwords apps which are widely adopted.

r). Salary comparison

Angular and React both have great demand in the job market Glassdoor, the average Angular Developer Salary is $110k. React- As per Glassdoor, the average React Developer Salary is $105k

average javascript developer salary in 2021 & market trends

There are many job openings for Angular and React developers in various IT companies. The Angular vs React 2022 battle will surely give way to new trends as the frameworks continue to develop.

  • Angular- As per Glassdoor $69K - $118K 
  • React- As per Glassdoor $49K - $134K 

Final Words  

It is crucial to consider that React has a simple learning curve, leading to rapid development in the decision-making process, while Angular has many built-in functions.  

Both technologies are compelling, a clear development from the earliest days of a web system that improves, aids and speeds up development. Now, you should be able to choose from angular vs react 2022 comparison and get a successful project or proof of concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google using Angular? 

Angular is used in community-based applications like the Google cloud platform and Google Adwords.  

Is Angular losing thunder? 

Angular does not die with thunder. Instead, attention has recently been diverted. Recent Google updates for angular were amazing features and smaller bundle size. 

Is Angular fun to work with? 

Angular learning curve is high compared to React, with a low learning curve that is difficult to understand at first. 

Is Angular still relevant in the coming years? 

Angular is a very mature framework, has good donor support, and is a complete package. 

Is React native dead? 

React Native is one of the powerful tools for creating applications. So, it is not dead at all. However, there may be other competitors trying to take its place. 

Is Tesla using React Native? 

The Tesla app is another app listed on React Native. They choose the most crucial part of Visualization. 

What are the top 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development? 

  • Angular 
  • Vue Js 
  • Backbone. Js 
  • Node Js 
  • Meteor 
  • Next Js 
  • Mithril JS. 
  • Aurelia 
  • Express.js 

I don't know TypeScript, can I work with Angular using JavaScript?

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended as Angular uses TypeScript for some good reason.

Does react have more opportunities than Angular in the job market?

From different statistics and reports, it has been seen that in different geological areas different stacks are more favourable. But overall there are more job advertisements for React developers than Angular developers.

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