Reach Your Target Audience By Result Driven Emails

Go beyond the inbox, create a community around your brand by generating targeted campaigns to get more leads. Bitbytesoft offers a variety of goal-driven email marketing services to help brands connect with their customers at the right moment and increase sales.
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Why Email Marketing Is Important

According to research, 61% of email subscribers would like weekly promotional messages from brands. In fact 44% will go to their inbox for brand promotions while only 4% look at social media ad campaigns! 

Online email marketing presents incredible opportunities to reach targeted customers and generate revenue growth!

Establish Your Reputation and Improve Your Response Rates

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your customers and prospects. And if you haven’t started your email marketing campaign, now is the time to consult with an expert and sketch out how best to move forward.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Expand Audience Reach
  • Large Audience Segmentation
  • Drive Strong Results
improve reputation

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How We Will Help You!

Need help with your monthly email services? Our email company collaborates with your in-house team to develop an effective email marketing strategy that drives long-term profitability.
Build OPT-IN Email List
We'll work with you to make sure that all of your contact forms are signed up for opt-in emails. We can also utilize other social media and paid strategies, like sending out a special coupon before each new blast so people know what's coming their way!
Campaign Design and Deployment
We offer email marketing services that are designed with both efficiency and effectiveness in mind! We’ll manage all aspects from template design to review content etc.
Create Email Content
Our marketing team is in charge of creating engaging and valuable content for their target audience. To increase engagement, we’ll run contests & giveaways to generate buzz about the product or service offered by your business!
Email Content Management
Once you've developed a few satisfied customers, who are vocal about their positive experience with your products or services, they will advertise for you. And social media is the best way to engage with customers to increase their satisfaction.
Email Automation Strategy
With email marketing experts, your business can harness predictive tools to build workflows that encourage future purchases. From abandoned cart campaigns all the way down to VIP reengagement automation - we’ve got you covered!
Campaign Tracking and Reporting
Our consultants use high-quality software such as A/B testing tools so they can find out what works best on an individual level since we tailored just right around your company’s needs.

Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sales hike due to an email marketing campaign?
Yes, email campaigns can certainly help you raise sales, though it's important to stimulate and inspire your audience so they invest their money in what is being advertised.
What should be the frequency of sending emails?
Sending emails four times a month will not only create consistency but also develop connections with your potential customers. After all, it is important to keep testing different frequencies in order to find out what works best for you!
What is a good email open rate?
It all depends on your industry and who you're targeting with the email. But on average, 10-15 is the percentage that works well for the campaigner.
What’s the best time and day to send emails?
A lot can depend upon where this person lives too- there are many factors that will determine what times and days work best for your audience. You'll need to try different options until you find one with good results - just remember patience is key when doing any kind of testing or research project so don't get discouraged if some days show no growth at first.
How should I grow my subscriber list?
One of the most successful ways to grow an email subscriber list is by offering your audience some kind incentive in exchange for signing up. You can put this offer on any site or social media page, create landing pages that get people excited – just make sure you let everyone know about it!

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