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For Creating A New Project Why Would I Choose Bitbytesoft To Work With?
Because we are a reliable Software Developing partner who focuses on making top-notch quality software (for web, desktop, mobile, tv and so on). We are a rapidly growing software development agency that has worldwide experience with various companies and clients. A strong, dynamic and experienced team handles every project with full dedication. You will get every information about our cases and clients feedback on our website and many reasons for choosing us as well.
Can I Feel Free To Look Over Client’s Feedback/Recommendation On Your Profile?
Choosing your own software engineers can be a truly neat decision, be that as it may, the recruitment system is tedious and the expenses of keeping an in-house programming group are high. You'll presumably have to keep your own programmers eventually however hiring us can help you save cost and time. So, you can make decisions after getting recommendation or feedback, right? Let's get it from our profile.
What Details Should I Provide In A Project Specification?
There are no particular rules. You should simply mention to us what item you need to construct and what functionalities you need. At any rate, we enthusiastically recommend for clear conception what precisely you plan on building, or how to improve your current software by making a new one. We offer a free project specification format for all of our customers.
What Will Happen After First Contact?
A standard method of beginning participation with Bitbytesoft can be described in a couple of steps:
Discovery call.
Defining needs.
Project kick-off.
Contract signing.
Dev phase
Possibility of a long term agreement
How Might I Be Certain You Work At My Project However Much You Declare?
We completely monitor our developers and control how long they spend on each task down to the specific moment. No issues for getting worried on this point.
Will Bitbytesoft Support My Existing Development Team?
Indeed, it's possible. You can utilize the assistance of our experts. Depending upon your necessities, our engineers can join your inside group and begin working with them. Another solution is supporting your group in, for example close your pending backlog tasks. The type of participation relies upon you. Just let us know about your requirements and we will affirm terms of condition.
Are You Able To Double The Size Of The Team Involved In The Project If The Need Arises?
Regardless of whether you need to upgrade or create a totally new one at the same time, and afterward again focus just around one of your projects, we are consistently prepared to adjust to your requirements. When the work is less intense, then team size can be diminished. If we need fast delivery, we can rapidly relegate extra team members to speed up each period of the improvement cycle.
What Are Your Payment Terms?
Usually we work with long-term committed clients who need Full-Time Equivalent services, and offer a monthly rate even profit sharing as well. In short term service, we prefer payment in advance method. According to contract or reliability, payment can be due on invoicing for a while.
Would You Be Able To Ensure Time-bound Results?
No. We work on time-based charging for reasons that advantage our customers, and ensuring fixed-time results implies compromising on that clarity and conveying sub-optimal outcomes to clients. The team might have the option to give you a thought, yet that isn't a business ensure.
Can The Software Be Upgraded In The Future As New Technology Becomes Available?
Obviously! We are consistently glad to improve, upgrade and further foster our work.
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