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Bitbytesoft is your one-stop ui ux design shop. In today's fast-paced world of technology, consumers demand a seamless experience from every company they do business with. That means if you want to build an engaging product easily and quickly as well as meet any deadline requirements- our design team will take care of all things visual (UI) while also adding value on top by making sure there are no technical flaws along the way through careful attention given to coding standards & implementation (UX).
Multiple UI design

Your product may be complex, but the UI needs to be easy. 

Remember the user interface in Slack or Dropbox? It's that easy. Yet both Slack and Dropbox are complicated systems with multiple design layers and a complex user flow.

Our designers specialize in using user-centric methods and strive to create structures that allow for intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. These designs help amplify business growth by making your brand more effective than ever before!
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Our expertise in UI/UX design

Benefits of our UI UX design services

Have you ever really thought about how much time we spend on our phones, laptops, or other smart devices? Today it's estimated that the average person spends six hours a day looking at screens. That might not sound all that long, but when you think about your life and goals in perspective to 6 hours, can't efficiency become something worth investing in! We believe companies who invest their resources into design outperform their competitors, so why would you want to be left behind!!

Our process

Analysis and Validation

We believe that people are the most important part of any business, so we take the time to understand their needs and work with them closely. Our approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate as well as thorough testing in digital environments which allows us to create designs for more effective interactions between human beings and technology.

Sketch and Design

Our process is quick and iterative by nature. We draft wireframes, visual UI concepts with your clients to get the design right from the start, as well as interactive prototypes that are responsive for any device or screen size. We love building smart UI libraries like Sketch Libraries which contain a collection of custom shapes, symbols, and text styles tailored specifically for your website's needs so that all designers can work in one codebase without worry about overwriting each other's changes - eliminating needless headaches!

Development & Evaluation

User feedback is the best way to validate and test your product concept. The results of those tests will help you fine-tune any problems or potential issues with it, so that when your service goes live only good things happen!

Our Work

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common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UI & UX?
UX and UI Design are two terms used to describe the different parts of digital products. UX stands for User Experience, while UI refers to user interface design. While we can say that our eyes perceive a product's visual features such as buttons or images through its UI (User Interface), it is actually how users feel when they're using these elements which is referred by UX (User Experience).
What kind of designs are made by you?
We are a creative studio that creates designs with user-friendly and theme-oriented elements. This promotes the brand or business idea discussed by the client for every single element of their organization.
What are the UX design deliverables?
The deliverables could change based on the requirement and nature of the project. Typically, we deliver:

User-research report 
UX audit report (if revamping an existing design) 
Red route analysis 
User persona 
Customer journey maps 
UI sketches 
Interactive prototypes 
Design systems 
What are the tools you use for UX design?
There are a multitude of tools designers use in various stages of UX design. Our team typically use the following: 

User Research - Hotjar, Usabilla 
Design - Adobe XD, Figma, Balsamiq, Invision 
User Testing - Crazyegg, 
Project Management - Basecamp, Miro, Notion 
Asset Creation - Zeplin 
What is the timeline for a UX design project?
The timeframe of a UX design project can vary considerably depending on the scope, budget and complexity. A small-medium sized project could typically take anywhere between 2 to 3 months while larger projects could take 1 year or more in some cases.
What are the inputs and data the client needs to provide?
In order to begin our projects, we brainstorm with all stakeholders from the client side. We use this session as a way of getting important information about them so that we can provide targeted services. 

 Business/organizational goals 
Target audience details 
Product goals 
Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project 
Technical specifications 
Market research data, if any 
Previous user experience audit results if any 
User analytics data, if any 
Business reports 
I am not mobile-tech-savvy but, I need an app. How will you help me in this case?
We've worked on projects for clients from a variety of industries, including publishing. Even though we use technical jargon with our tech-savvy customers, providing support and assistance in all areas up to the successful publication on stores is what truly brings satisfaction to us as developers!

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