Board Book Albums

The client founded Board Book Albums, LLC in 2008. His daughter girl who was one year old at the time was working with a speech therapist.
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The Client
The therapist told him to put together a photo album filled with photos to encourage her speech development. When he could not find a kid-friendly album, baby's needs inspired the new use photo album. They hope to share their story and products with other children and families. Although We created their albums for his young daughter, they have found them great for children of all ages. Little children are delighted to have photo albums that they can handle themselves.
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Business Need

The client needed Bitbytesoft’s service to create a web application using WordPress. The company provides services offline, and they wanted to start growing their online presence better. They required the website to allow them to inform more about their product to their audience and increase sales. As a result, the experts at Bitbytesoft were needed to create an appealing interface and would result in higher traffic on the site.


  1. WordPress development
  2. Theme development
  3. Dynamic websites
  4. E-commerce site functionality set-up
  5. Secure payment gateway integration
  6. Advanced keyword research and advanced on-page SEO of the site
  7. Premium plugin installation sets up special features like the testimonial section, scrapbooking page, and interactive blog section.

What Bitbytesoft Did

  1. Initial development UI/UX design
  2. Theme development for WordPress
  3. Testing the website for bugs according to market standards
  4. Troubleshooting of the bugs and multiple revisions
  5. Search Engine Optimisation of the application to researched keywords
  6. Support to clients after delivery for around one month


As the project had minimal information, we came up with a rough sketch of the application and UX. After discussing it with a client, our team started putting it together. This project also has a well-managed admin panel to manage all the assets and application properties. The client was pleased with the service.
wordpress website project

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