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DevOps is a collaboration between development and operation teams, which enables continuous delivery of applications and services to our end users.

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Benefits of Containerization To Your Business In 2022 Benefits of Containerization To Your Business In 2022

Container and Containerization is one of the most discussed terms in this cloud evolving time since 2015. Containerization technology has already brought many benefits to businesses in the form of operational efficiency, cost savings, and more. But what will be the benefits of containerization in 2022 and beyond? What is container & containerization? Before diving […]

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How Does DevOps Accelerate Software Development - A Complete Guide How Does DevOps Accelerate Software Development - A Complete Guide

If you are reading this article, it seems you are a software developer or owner of a software company. You might agree that teamwork is one of the things that you find hard to maintain in several projects. So, how can you overcome this problem? There should be an excellent solution to this! Fortunately, the […]

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The Phases of Agile Software Development Life Cycle & Workflow and Project Management The Phases of Agile Software Development Life Cycle & Workflow and Project Management

What is Agile model in the software development life cycle? Agile software development life cycle is a method or process that focuses on building and maintaining software.  It's a scope detailing every stage from beginning to completion and further modification/ upgrading & maintenance of software. SDLC is the short form of this significant useful term […]

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15 Best DevOps Tools In 2022 15 Best DevOps Tools In 2022

Using the right tools for the right job is very crucial in DevOps. In other words, there is nothing that can run the DevOps workflow without using different DevOps tools for managing various tasks.   DevOps ambitions are to shorten & make easier the existence cycle of device development. It is a complex and fast practice that has […]

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DevOps and Infrastructure Automation at Bitbytesoft DevOps and Infrastructure Automation at Bitbytesoft

When you have an online business, you need DevOps and Infrastructure Automation support. In this process, you will get a support system and equipment preservation system. As we know in a new business, there is a lack of organizing things, we have kept the thing in mind and created the services available for our clients. […]

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  • Teraflex
    TeraFlex manufactures Jeep Wrangler products, including premium suspension systems and performance shocks, heavy axes and low-level axes, body armor, and more.
    Magento ecommerce website
  • Sunset Bay Village
    The inception of Siesta Homes’s Homes began in 2010 when we could renovate many bank assets and transform them into modern home buildings.
    real estate website development
  • Angular Development
    The client made the company fulfill the request of people asking for art, of high quality, with detailed construction details with their guns. 
    Angular Development
  • Magento based 
    Webshop solution
    Injinji is a California-based sock company dedicated to providing its customers the best health and performance of their feet. 
    Magento web solution
  • HMH Ship
    At the company, Hirsh became involved in online sales and shipping. After receiving countless inquiries, it became apparent that there was a high demand for U.S. products sold online, products only available from U.S. sites that did not ship internationally.
    Shipping Website Development

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