Angular Development

Angular Development
The Client
The client made the company fulfill the request of people asking for art, of high quality, with detailed construction details with their guns. The company brings its product around mainly three prices. These are three fundamental values: Honesty, Integrity, and professionalism guarantee quality products at any cost. The main goal of the company was to provide custom guns people dream of owning. The customer company has a 07 FFL-type theme that allows it to work on all parts of the weapon, including frames and receivers and sales and transfers. 
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setting project goal

Business Need

The client requires Bitbytesoft to create a feature on their website where customers can customize their guns, which means that customers will apply for the web and come to the dashboard. That dashboard would contain options for them to select and customize the design of their machine according to their preferences. The project was a challenging task as it required experts in angular development to create this section.


  • Development of a complex web application using Angular 1 & 5, 6
  •  Rxjs and Reactive Programming, Web-Driven Web app, complex form development,
  • Angular Routing and Authentication enabled app development, ES6, Automatic Testing Using Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, Unit test Lover.
  • Cross-platform application development using ionic, Phonegap, Cordova, Nodejs, and Rich UI application development
  • Artist with MEAN stack, ExtJs, Semantic UI, CoffeeScript, NativeScript
  • An open-source and angular open-source package builder

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • Create a section layout after collecting enough images and data from the client
  • Angular development of phase
  • Testing the performance of a custom-made gun
  • Troubleshooting problems detected after testing
  • Application and client review and problem-solving
  • Completing the project and providing post-delivery support


We exceeded customer expectations, and Our team completed the project. The client continued customizing the guns, but now he can make them better and write the process better. This online program replaced the offline method of taking designs with pen and paper. It has made client work much more accessible. Because of this, investing with Bitbytesoft was worth it in all respects.
angular development project

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