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Bitbytesoft has been helping enterprises with microservices development to modernize their IT legacy systems with independent, secure and agile microservices applications. Our expert solution architects can help you unleash scalable app development with microservices architecture.
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Microservices development have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are an example of the modular architectural style, based on this philosophy that breaks large software projects into smaller parts and has gained prominence among developers for its dynamic qualities like API management as well as execution tactics which can be highly defined with discrete tasks at once!
why microservices
You can easily add or remove services from your application without having any impact on its logic -no rebuild necessary!
Reduced Complexity
When we break out the sections of a code into microservices, you can reduce complexity in dealing with modifications and updates.
Easy Deployment
well understood context, and are empowered to work more independently and more quickly
With a microservices architecture, it is easier to deploy an app on multiple infrastructures because they can be built in different languages and still communicate with each other.
By developing applications in smaller increments, testing becomes faster and makes market availability more efficient.
As businesses rely more and more on microservices, they can reduce their infrastructure costs by not having to maintain any single point of failure.

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Microservices Development & Consulting

Consulting and Architecture
Our microservices architects understand your IT needs and help you create a strategic adoption roadmap. We also offer complete consulting services on when, how it should be chosen so that we can match those with the right kind of service for their business requirements
Migrating Monolithic Apps to Microservices
We get you out of the monolithic application and into a world full microservices! We do this with our migration consultants by strategically refactoring your code so that it can be manageable in small pieces.
Microservices Assessment
We help you get the most out of your systems by providing expert assessment and strategic planning. The team will create a roadmap that ensures easy adoption, ensuring success for every project we undertake!
Integrating APIs 
APIs are a critical component of any modern application, and our developers can help you integrate them at whatever stage your project is in.
Data microservices and Testing
We will help you verify the workflow of whole work process, as well as any integrations or other dependent modules
Microservices Support & Maintenance
We're here to help you with all the steps of your application, from start-to finish. Whether it's answering any questions or providing guidance!
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Microservices Solutions

microservices solutions tools
microservices solutions tools
microservices solutions tools
microservices solutions tools

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