Moving to a New House 0% Downtime

We are experts at migrating projects into a new content management system without 0% data loss with deadlines. We make sure your site is never down for longer than necessary during a CMS migration process.
Limited time offer: Migrate your basic website (5-10 static pages) to wordpress from any platform just for €250

Get your business on a platform fit for growth

Our migration service includes zero percent data loss and downtime, complete SEO setting for keeping SERP rank intact, content strategy, user experience design process, & digital agility training that are all focused on providing the best possible outcome for our clients' businesses in these uncertain times! We just don't deliver, we take care after delivery too!

Rapid Planning & Initiation

Structured Design & Code

Content Import

Launch & Support

Migration Process

We can take off the migration even if it's a complex application as well as any content management system. If it's WordPress or Joomla, Or Drupal, We'll make sure that your website is safely transferred to its new home.
Website Backup
You can rest easy knowing that the first step we take is to make a full backup of your website.
Setting Up Staging Server
After taking a backup we transfer the backup to the staging URL to verify everything was transferred accurately and aligned with the current live version.
Configure and Setting
We'll reconfigure everything as per the requirement whether it is design or some new features you want to have.
cms migration to wordpress

Migrating to WordPress?

WordPress is a popular CMS system that webmasters use to power their websites. It has unique features like scalability, multiple users and easy updates which make it better than other CMS systems according to many professionals who work with them on daily basis.
You can control all aspects visitor-wise while still having cms tools at hand if needed--a great combination!

Still confused? We're always here for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my domain name?
Yes, of course, you can. This makes the migration process easier. However, we do not recommend doing that since the new domain might lose some ranking although it is possible to redirect the traffic and ranking towards the new domain.
Can you transfer to any hosting provider?
Yes, You can move to any compatible hosting platform of your choice. We recommend you look for the best advice based on your application.
Will I be able to use my website even during migration?
Yes you will be able to use it since we try not to migrate the site during business hours rather we try to do it outside of the business time window.
How much time will it take to migrate my website?
For transfering a site to a new hosting platform will take fairly less time which is a couple of hours max. But if you want to migrate to a new CMS, we recommend you to contact us for a quote.

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