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Ultimate Guide for UI vs UX Design: Which Career to Choose in 2022?

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November 9, 2021
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May 25, 2022
UI vs UX design

You would like to work in design but you are not sure about your future career. You have started your analysis but you are unaware of your choosing between UI vs UX design. Nowadays, people prefer UX design, UI design, or Web Design as a Career. They look for UX designer Jobs, Web Designer Jobs. They want to know UX Designer Salary, UI Designer Salary.   

What are you going to choose between UI vs. UX design?  

So, here we discuss the details about the career differences between UI vs UX design so that you can take the decision on your career.   

What is a UI Designer Do? 

ui design

UI means User Interface, which is related to user taste. It prefers a human-first approach to designing the pleasing experience of a product. You can assume the product can be on a digital platform too. Moreover, it is a part of UX, though not for all scenarios.    

The UI designer function begins when the UX designer function ends in the display phase.  The UI is a different technical approach. It aims to improve the interaction between people and computer systems. UI is about designing interfaces to better user experiences. Through the use of visual elements, buttons, color combinations, responsive design, and information structure, the UI designer is constantly trying to make interaction with the digital device as natural as possible.   

Key Responsibilities of UI Designer 

  • UI designers work on appearance, including color combination and shape.   
  • They implement a visual scene for the product as per UX planning.   
  • They take the responsibility of making it more attractive, responsive, and browser compatible.   
  • Their responsibility is to cooperate with the UX designer and Engineer to meet the need.   
  • They can solve the problem if the issue is not functional. 

What skills does a UI designer need? 


Sketch is the most popular vector graphics editor. It was developed by a Dutch company named Sketch B.V. It targeted macOS Users.  Now it is used for interfaces. It is also used for the design the experience design websites and mobile apps. Recently Sketch added some exciting features for prototyping and collaboration.  


Adobe Photoshop is one kind of raster graphics editor. Adobe Inc built and published this excellent editor for creating, editing, and cropping images.  Its targeted users are both Windows and macOS.   


An illustrator is one kind of artist. It has some amusing features for visual representation by enhancing writing concepts. The primary role of this editor is to add elements and characters to raise the design and fulfill the purpose.    


Typography is the most desirable art and technique of arranging type.  It makes the written language readable, readable, and attractive when displayed. Typography supports the work of graphic designers, character editors, manga artists, comic book artists, art directors, typewriters, and so on.

Now, everyone who faces difficulties can arrange words, letters, numbers, and symbols for publication. This typography helps to show or disseminate, from pastoral staff and storytellers to anyone who publishes them.    

Design Principle

The design principles are to create a compelling and attractive combination by the designer as much as possible. Other basic design rules are Brightness, Repetition, Measurement, Movement, Emphasis, Measurement and Alignment, and White Space. 

UI Designer Salary for UI Designer Job 

According to Glassdoor's most popular salary Review Company, UI designers got an offer from $55,000 to $109,000 yearly.   

  • UI Designer salary in Germany €35K - €64K   
  • UI Designer salary in London £33K - £71K  
  • UI Designer Salary in Canada CA$76K – CA$112K   

What is a UX Designer Do?  

ux design

UX stands for User Experience; we all know that. It prefers a human-first approach to product design. UX design is nothing but understanding the users and making the product more efficient for the users. UX designs are concerned with the overall user-friendliness of the whole customer journey.   

Key Responsibilities of UX Designer 

  • Researching user expectations and need from the product.  
  • Analysis of business need from the product.  
  • Convert the business into product requirements from the relevant experiences.   
  • Analysis interactions to see the real world rather than the ideal case.    
  • Making strategy plan for product design and user journey. 

As UX designers initialize their work at the starting of a project, it’s too crucial for them to be involved throughout the process to ensure the best user experiences until they finish the product.

What Skills Does a UX Designer Need? 

Wireframing: A website wireframe is one kind of screen blueprint. It is a visual structure that represents the basic framework of a website. Its primary purpose is to arrange elements to do the best way.   

  • Wireframe focuses on:  
  • Functional availability within the range   
  • The information and functions priority  
  • Displaying certain kinds of information and rules  
  • Different scenarios for displaying 


A prototype is a straightforward model of a product to test a concept or process. It is one kind of term that is used in a variety of contexts. Others include design, electronics, semantics, and software programming. In particular, the prototype is used to test the new design to review the accuracy of system analysts and user feedback.  

UX Writing 

UX writing skill is one of the critical roles for UX designers. UX authors write text for every digital product. He/she writes for a button press to menus, error messages, and many more. Therefore, UX writers must acquire a deep understanding of the user and the products.   


UX designers need not be experts in coding. But he/she must know HTML and CSS. Moreover, he/she must be capable of a minor change in the website. This skill helps to collaborate with developers and help to understand the software architectures.  


From developing day to production day, this analysis skill will help to improve the product. But UX is not finished yet. UX designers must know numbers, radios, and percentages data after productions. From this, he/she can improve the product better. 


UX Designer Salary for UX Designer Job 

Glassdoor is one of the most popular job searching websites where current and former employees anonymously review companies and salaries. According to their data, internationally, UX designers got the offer from $85,310 to $102,975 yearly.   

  • UX Designer Salary in Germany €37K - €66K   
  • UX Designer Salary in London £33K - £83K  
  • UX Designer Salary in Canada CA$52K – CA$112K   

UI vs UX Design: How to Figure Out a Career Path?  

So, according to skill set, both career paths are good. Before choosing the career, follow the passion, learn the role, and practice the skills so that you can lead to more success and opportunities. These skills set also can lead you to UI Web Design, UX Web Design, Web Designer.  

UI vs UX Design Job: How to Present Your UX or UI Skills in Your Resume and Interviews 

Getting a job as a UX/UI designer is about showing your capabilities to the recruiters. Your design sense, product idea, soft skills will help you to attract interviews. So, remember to add your soft skills and technical skills to your resumes.   

While you are preparing for facing interviewers, read some case studies, practice some problem-solving stories and critical thinking stories that you have gone through in your project. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a UI designer do? 

A UI designer works for attractive design from his/her experience to line up the people to the computer system. He/she cares about visual elements, icons, buttons, color, responsive design, and information architectures as naturally as possible.

What does a UX designer really do? 

A UX designer sticks to the product from planning to improving. Planning, analysis, improvement, sometimes coding and designing are their important role in the job.  

Does UX design require coding? 

Yes! He/she must have knowledge about HTML and CSS. These skills help the UX designer to change any design without the developer’s help. Besides, it helps to collaborate with developers.  

What pays more UX or UI? 

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According to Glassdoor salary review analysis, the company paid UX designers more. But it’s not a big deal. As a job seeker, you can check that UX designers’ responsibility is much more than UI designers'.  Some companies are hiring UX/UI designers as a mixed skillset.  

Is UX a dying career?  

What! Dead! No, you can’t say that. UX designer careers are a new addition in the job sectors. Some companies are hiring UX/UI designers with mixed skills because UX designers are adapting UI Design Skills. Or, you can UI designer preferring to go for UX Designer as a next career path.

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