21 Best Figma Plugins For Every Designer Should Have In 2022

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May 27, 2022
Best Figma Plugins

Most designers prefer a fast-flowing design nowadays. And that’s why Figma plugins are the best tool for challenging the design world. This plugin can be your trump card which can support you to take your design game to the next level.

All you need is to spend a little time on the internet, just a few clicks to download and voila, you will have the most upgraded design companion at your disposal. So if you are wondering how Figma supports designers, it will be easy to answer because Figma best plugins offers the best design plugin tools for error-free project creation.

To further elaborate, Figma has adorned itself with six different stacks that can make your design move easily and in an organized manner. And since every Figma software has a big library, it can enhance your design journey beyond your expectation for sure.

Now, let's get introduced to the 21 best Figma plugins to boost your design workflow.

Best Figma Plugins That’ll Boost Your Design Flow 

best figma plugins
Best Figma Plugins

When the best Figma plugins is readily available at your fingertips to boost up your workflow, you should utilize them without any difficulties. We all know that splendid productivity usually comes from a perfectly planned work frame via utilizing associative tools for designing a project.

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Figma tools are essential for a smooth and speedy completion. Hopefully, you are curious to find out more ideas about Figma plugins.

So without further ado, let’s get the idea in detail. 

1. Unsplash - Big Collection of Quality Stock Images!! 

unsplash figma plugin

Unsplash is like an ocean which is considered one of the best Figma tools because it gives a vast collection of quality images. Most designers use this Figma for easy finding and adding their desired high-quality images to various designs.

All of the images are not only perfect in quality but also beautiful.

Get the Unsplash Now: figma.com/community/plugin

2. Storyset - Access Thousands of Illustrated Ideas

storyset figma plugin

Storyset is an amazing story of Figma illustration plugin! Where thousands of graphic resources come in one frame. It’s a mind-blowing gift from Freepik. You can customize color styles and choose backgrounds according to your choice after downloading the Storyset now.

Simply add your text & vector shapes, then use the built-in tools to format and style your stories. Once you're finished, you can publish your content directly to your website or blog, or share it with others via a link with just a single click.

Moreover, it offers animations made by using an online editor. The best part of this plugin is permitting your search for resources from a database and direct insertion into the design systems.

Storyset is an open source figma plugin that can create beautiful, responsive illustrations & interactive prototypes stories that look great. Because it's all built into Figma, you can easily update your stories as your design files change.

Get the Storyset Plugin Now: figma.com/community/plugin

3. Figmotion - Start Animate Like a Pro!! 

figmotion figma plugin

Figmotion can take your anime to another level. It offers you to make pro-level animations by showing specific interplay. Are you a novice animations creator?

Figmotion is a Figma plugin that allows you to animate your designs directly in Figma. With Figmotion, you can create animations using keyframes, tweens, and triggers. Figmotion also makes it easy to share your animations with others by exporting them as GIFs or video files.

Then Figmotion is going to be one of the best Figma animation tools for you. Because it’s user-friendly with organized features and functions. Moreover, it allows rendering animations such as gifs or mp4. Designers are used to working with “Adobe After Effects'' where motion graphics, compositing applications, and visual effects perform separately.

But Figmotion gives the right of animation flawlessly. 

Install Figmotion Now: figma.com/community/plugin

4. Iconify - Library of Thousands Vector Icons 

iconify figma plugin

Iconify is another useful Figma plugins perfect for creating beautiful, high-quality icons & brand logos. This wonderful tool has user-friendly interface and wide range of features, it's the perfect tool for anyone who wants to create their own illustrations icon.

With Iconify you can:

  • Customize your icons to match your brand or styles.
  • Create icons in any size or resolution
  • Export your icons in multiple formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.) and much more!

If you're looking for easy-to-use icon plugins that allows you to create beautiful, high-quality icons, look no further than Iconify.Iconify is rich with 100+ icon sets from both of them. Most importantly every icon set has a vector support searchable option. 

It’s unbelievable! Thousands of vector icons are free in Iconify. Hope you are well known for Font Awesome and Material, which are popular libraries of vector icons.

Install Iconify Now: figma.com/community/plugin

5. Figmoji - Seamless Emoji Add-on Designs!!  

figmoji figma plugin

Figmoji is all about adding emojis to your design process. In web applications or desktop publications everywhere you can use this vectors for free which is set by the Streamline team.

In Figma community, it's one of the most popular vector-based design tool for its ease of use and collaboration features for personal and commercial use.

Figmoji is one of those plugins, and it's a must-have for anyone who wants to add some fun and personality to their Figma projects.

To use Figmoji, simply select the layer you want to insert an emoji into, then choose the emoji you want from the plugin menu. That's it! The emoji will be inserted into your design at the correct size and position.

This plugin helps anyone who wants to add some personality to their Figma designs. To give a perfect look, Figmoji is an important add-on and being considered as a best plugin figma. 

It's simple to use and free, so there's no reason not to try it out. So go ahead and add some Figmoji to your next design!

Get the Figmoji: figma.com/community/plugin

6. Content Reel - Apply Text Strings, Avatars & Icons in Any Order

content reel figma plugin

Content Reel is one of the best plugin Figma has for meeting up your content cravings. What does a designer expect the most from plugins? A big organized library that supports content to generate text layers, frames, or shapes.

Moreover, different types of dummy text, image files, and Microsoft icon libraries. 

Install Content Reel: figma.com/community/plugin

7. Feather Icons - Huge Collection of Simply Open Source Icons!! 

feather icons figma plugin

If you're a fan of flat icons, them Figma makes Feather Icons for your. With this plugin, you can easily add flat icons to your Figma designs with just a few clicks.

There are over 1000 icons available in this plugin, so you can find the perfect one for your project creating shapes. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can even request new icons from the plugin author.

Consistency, flexibility, and simplicity is the ideology of the feather icons plugin. Feather is featured in a huge collection of pleasing open source icons. As a designer, you must seek for icons to make your design meaningful.

Adding icons to your Figma design is easy with Feather Icons. Simply select the icon you want to use and click "add to Figma." Then just drag and drop the icon into your design. It's that simple!

Here, the Feather icons shop is open for leveling your project out!

Install Feather Icons Now: figma.com/community/plugin

8. Wireframe - Make Your Task Easy

wireframe figma plugin

Wireframe plugins don’t care about easy or critical design at all. This plugin works for text or image layer by allowing editable figma layers in any Figma project. This Figma prototype plugin offers an easy referral system that makes your entire task very easy.

Besides, Wireframe allows automatic arrow connectors and drag/drop layouts in early phase material design.  You can rename all the multiple layers as well.

Get the Wirframe Plugin: figma.com/community/plugin

9. Mapsicle - End of use Screenshots of Maps!! 

mapsicle figma plugin

If you're looking for an easy way to create maps in your designs, then the Mapsicle plugin is what's up. Simply search any location and use its map image as inspiration!

No need to take any screenshots of maps again. For a good user flow Mapsicle allows a quick and seamless place map in your Figma mockup. Your search will never be useless with this Figma plugin.

By placing maps of countries for once in your design system or design mockups, Mapsicle offers interaction text styles, location, zoom level, and many more in your design system. The Mapsicle Figma plugin is the perfect way to turn any location into a map image assets for your designs. The interface makes it easy and fun!

Get the Mapsicle Plugin: figma.com/community/plugin

10. Icon Resizer - Easier to Resize Icons Into a Common Size  

icon resizer figma plugin

I don’t know why. But I have got many designs having mismatched icon sizes. Actually when a designer resizes each icon’s vector shape, and frame, and maintains alignment individually then it may happen sometimes.

But if you get an option of resizing every icon togetherly then this problem can be solved. Here, Icon resizer offers you a bulk resize system that can stay you away from this hassle. 

Get the Icon Resizer Now: figma.com/community/plugin

11. Breakpoints - Create Responsive Layouts!!   

breakpoints figma plugin

Breakpoints are the most essential plugin to create a responsive design. Though responsive layout requires the same view of any webpage on multiple devices. You need to make sure that the layout seems the same on desktops, mobiles, and tablets respectively.

And the Breakpoints will help the best for making sure if the design is responsive or not. 

Install Breakpoints Now: figma.com/community/plugin

12. Remove BG - Works Faster than Light 

remove bg figma plugin

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to remove the background from an image content, then look no further than the Remove BG. This plugin uses AI to automatically detect and remove the background from your image, leaving you with a transparent PNG that is ready to be used in your design.

One-click can change your design at a glance. Removing the background is just automated by a click using the API named Remove BG.

Simply upload your image and let the plugin do its magic. You can even adjust the level of transparency to get the perfect result for smooth user flow.

Only you are required for opening an account in Remove BG, then you can use the Remove BG plugin. So why not give it a try today?

Get the Remove BG Plugin: figma.com/community/plugin

13. Vectary 3D - Incredible 3D Mockups!! 

vectary 3d figma plugin

The Vectary 3D plugin is capable of removing the boringness from 2D designs. Mockups 3D not only permits a designer to insert design into any device but also offers customization of device color, angle, and rotation. 

Get the Vectary 3D: figma.com/community/plugin

14. Chart - Creating Charts is Now a Matter of Seconds 

chart figma plugin

The Chart is an essential plugin for Figma. It prefers real data to draw the most popular charts. The chart allows copy-paste from editors such as Excel, Google Sheets, live connection Sheets, local CSV and remote JSON (REST API), and JSON files.

Do you need a dark mode option for a chart?

No worries! Chart plugin permits a dark mode which is responsive as well.

Install the Chart Plugin: figma.com/community/plugin

15. LottieFiles - Countless Lightweight & Scalable Animations!! 

lottiefiles figma plugin

Here’s an awesome Figma plugin that lets you create animated illustrations for your designs. Being a partner of the Figma illustration plugin, LottieFiles ensures easy access to Lottie's animations system.

You get access to thousands of Lottie GIFS, SVGs, in your figma files which bring life into any design! With this easy tool you just need to upload the files in their respective folders ( .lottie or Json file ), then drag them onto figma's interface—you'll be able to preview how they will look before saving edits easily with one click.

Being a partner of the Figma illustration plugin, LottieFiles ensures easy access to Lottie's system by your Figma account.

Get the Lottiefiles Now: figma.com/community/plugin

16. Autoflow - Best Figma Plugins for Easily Draw Flows 

autoflow figma plugin

Autoflow offers an easy and quick way to flow connection arrows between frames. What is the best thing about this Figma illustration plugin?

If you move frames, the arrows automatically get upgraded to sustain the connection. You never need to move or edit any arrows manually. 

Install Autoflow: figma.com/community/plugin

17. Blush - Tell Your Story With Illustrations!! 

blush figma plugin

Blush is the best animated content creation tool that has a huge library that is rich in exclusive-designed illustrations. Though all plugins are pre-built so I didn’t need to mention those again. Matching with your brands, you can customize illustrations.

Blush is a Figma plugin that allows you to create blushing animations for your characters. This customized illustration is ready to use in your design as an SVG or PNG.     

With Blush, you can add a natural touch to your characters' expressions and make them more lifelike. Blush is easy to use and doesn't require any special skills or knowledge. Just select the area you want to animate and let Blush do its magic.

Blush is a great way to add more personality to your characters and make them stand out from the crowd. So why not try it today? you might just fall in love with it.

Get the Blush Now: figma.com/community/plugin

18. Spelll - Avoid Embarrassing Spell Mistakes 

spelll figma plugin

If you're looking for a Figma plugin that can help you with your spelling and grammar, look no further than Spell. This powerful plugin can not only help you fix mistakes in your text, but also provide suggestions on how to improve your writing.

Whether you're working on a design project or just trying to communicate more clearly, Spell can help you get the job done.

The spelll can raise the class of your design by avoiding spelling mistakes. It permits the search of Figma pages and draws all mistakes in a Figma table format for further easy scanning. 

Get the Spell Now: figma.com/community/plugin

19. Image Palette - Play with Colors!! 

image palette figma plugin

Designing is nothing but an art where playing with colors is a habit. Designers may not explore their talent if they don’t get any Image Palette.

Figma users able to extract color palettes from an image and create a color contrast from them. From all the colors ou can use this plugin to quickly create a color for your design or to match colors from an image.

To use Image Palette, simply upload an image or select one from your Figma library. Then, select the colors you want to extract from the image and click "Create Palette." Image Palette will generate a color palette from the selected colors.

So when a designer is blessed with an essential plugin “Image Palette” in the Figma design tool then extracting the most prominent colors of any image is just a game. It's easy to use and can help you match colors from an image. Try it out today!

Get the Image Palette Now: figma.com/community/plugin

20. Morph - Transform in Just One Click 

morph figma plugin

Morph offers you unlimited effects to make your boring designs a bit exciting. Everything is pre-built in this tremendous Figma illustration plugin. So why are you getting late? Morph is born as ready to use.

This amazing gift from Figma can transform your design projects with one click. Isn’t it magic?

Install Morph: figma.com/community/plugin

21. Font Preview - Pick Your Font Among the Massive!! 

font preview figma plugin

If you're a Figma user, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and find the perfect font for your project. With so many options out there, it's tough to know where to start.

Sometimes designers get confused while picking up the font. That's where Font Preview comes in. This handy plugin lets you preview all the fonts in your project at once, so you can quickly find the perfect match.

Because of generating live previews during your typing, it becomes very easy to pick the most suitable font.  To use Font Preview, simply select all the text layers you want to preview, then click the "Font Preview" button in the toolbar. A new window will open, showing all the available fonts.

You can also use the search bar to narrow down your options. Just type in a keyword, and only fonts that match will be displayed.

Once you've found the perfect font, simply click on it and Figma will automatically apply it to your text layers. It's that easy!

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to find the perfect font for your next project, give Font Preview a try.

Get the Font Preview Now: figma.com/community/plugin


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Now it's your turn

Now you have the top 21 Figma plugins to enrich your design chart, right? As you are facilitated by the best plugins with customizing styles, improving accessibility, creating animation, and so on. So you are capable of competing in the design project market.

You already know that you only need to install these effective Figma plugins for getting top-notch design products. Let you get those amazing tools for better designing. And share your experiences with us.

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