WarForge is a highly-stylized Sci Fi fantasy MMORPG. It's expanding universe that brings the best elements of two genres together.
Sci Fi fantasy MMORPG
The Client
WarForge is a Sci Fi fantasy MMORPG. The game is set on the universe. Enhanced player roles, economics, and politics all come into play in a universe that has been developed by players for players.The client needed a website that is extremely eye-catching with gaming environment where player can feel the momentum while browsing. So, our UI/UX designer came up with the idea how everything will be designed.
warforge ui ux design

Business Need

They already had website and that was so much busy. So they wanted a new interface to showcase their products in an organized way. So, our UI designer came up with various wireframes. While working on wireframes, designer had this on mind that website's UI has to be neat and clean. In the middle of the project, client recommended to redesign the concept as like Cyberpunk 2077 design patterns. When we already completed several pages, this was very difficult to redesign the whole concept. We took that challenge and implemented augmented-ui Sci-Fi shaping for every element of the design.


  • Understanding the current problems of the website design pattern
  • Cluttered User Interface
  • Wireframing that includes lot of trial and error
  • Feedback by clients and redesigned as Cyberpunk 2077 UI pattern
  • Options available for quests, ranking etc. are not well defined visually
  • No structured hierarchy between each side menu section  

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • Wireframing the whole concept into design
  • After designing the initial visual, we designed it using Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop. Created home, login-register and shop page.
  • Redesigned whole concept as per client requirement in the middle of design phase.
  • Used augmented-ui kit pattern to bring modern Sci-Fi pattern into the design
  • Implemented design pattern inspired by Cyberpunk 2077
  • Highlighted those main focused area when user will browse the site 
  • Focused more on classic UX elements


We created several designs and the client liked the below one for their shop page. It was a great experience for the designer. A good and eye-catching UI is always important for such a game related website. Not only that but A Good, Accessible, Clean and Neat User interface is also important for any digital product. We had couple of challenge to satisfy the client and we succeed at the end. Our UI/UX designer used modern Sci-Fi concept like Cyberpunk 2077 UI design pattern. However, the overall beauty of the design exceeded the client’s expectations.

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