Pink Slip City

We did our case study on UI/UX. Their concept is pretty simple. You race the super cars you won and win real prizes.
The Client
A car racing NFT game that puts ownership (fractional) back into the hands of the community. Customize your super car, compete against your peers and earn fun prizes. The real cars are preserved in a climate controlled NFT gallery.
psc car customize

Business Need

The client needed a platform to sell and showcase their NFT cars efficiently. When you buy their NFT, you are gaining membership access to an exclusive club where discounts, early access, new innovations, benefits & offerings will be disbursed to club members. So, we needed a huge database to store all the dynamic data. Design was visually great and we needed to develop it in a way that user will feel the race environment.


  • Complex UI design
  • Making responsive at every viewport (i.e. 4k display) while design is not friendly enough
  • Implementing different animations while scrolling the site
  • Adding 3D model of cars

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • We used the Elementor builder to get the better performance
  • Developed the site responsive that is accessible and appropriately visible on all devices
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and debugging the different issues
  • Used jQuery to take a bunch of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code
  • Customizing the car into the browser
  • Flexible backend design


We completed the project that is 100% responsive and user-friendly that allows the user to explore the whole site with great experience. However, customizing car with lots of possibilities was a bit tough, but still our senior developers have managed it. This project exceed the client expectations.

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