How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name? - 11 Pro Tips 2022

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May 12, 2022
Choose Domain Name
In this high booming tech era domain is an identity for your online presence, showcase your services, offers, products. A domain name is a must in order to have a website for your business.

First thing first, what is a domain name? Well, the domain is the initial experience, people will type your website name on their browser address bar to reach out to your brand website. 

Whatever the type of business you have, your domain name reflects your business.

On the other hand, if your domain or business name is short & accurate, memorable, and enjoyable to say, people would definitely like to check it out and share your brand. 

Since we know that first impressions matter most so, if your domain name isn't flashy, then your audience can end up somewhere else. Thus, you can't take an average domain that compromises the chances of getting potential traffic.

Now the million-dollar question, how to choose a perfect domain name?

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Well, in this article, we'll give you 11 pro tips on how to choose the best domain name for your website in 2022.

Why Do Domain Names Matter?

Your domain is just as important for your branding as your company name. If your website doesn't attract audiences then they will likely turn to another website for your product/service/product/service. That is true!

If your site addresses are as enjoyable as they are to share, they will be eager to read and share your information.

Usually, your domain is the very first experience a user has of your product or company's products or services.

Changing your domain can sometimes take a bit of time. This could happen if it took some time and it has consequences.

How To Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name can be one of the most important steps in establishing your brand or business. Your web address is often everything people see before they decide whether to visit you, and it's the starting point for understanding who is trying out content on our websites.

A carefully chosen string may increase user interest which results in driving traffic towards ours while a carelessly picked website address might do just the opposite: turn away potential customers!

So, there is nothing else but research for getting a potential domain in order to start your online journey.

domain name extension
how to choose a perfect domain name

To make it simple, here we have come up with 11 pro tips for you to find the right domain name. In this article, we'll also discuss how you can get your desirable free domain.

So, let's get started-

1. Stick with .com - The Best Domain Extensions

Considering you visited plenty of websites, you may see the most common domain extension is .com, while another Top-Level Domain (TLD) is available that even Google domains also offer like .net, .org, etc.

TLDs are now extending from .studio or .academy to .video along with most popular TLDs including .net, .org, .co etc.

With these different TLD options, business owners are creating unique and awesome short & brandable domain names that perfectly match their business. But keep the old school always good so, stick with .com if possible.

most popular top-level domains
Source: Statista

Dot-com is the best and most popular domain extension, and people are very homely with it. Additionally, when searching a company domain, most people typically type ".com" at the end of the business names.  

In that manner, choosing a .com TLD would be a suitable domain and a strong business strategy. Additionally, many popular website owners and brands buy all popular domain TLDs even after getting a perfect domain on .com to protect their brand. 

After finding suitable domain extensions that match your brand and will be memorable for your potential customers, then taking the other TLDs can be a tricky way to protect your brand.

Have an e-mail protected .Com and local TLDs are the only steps. Step two is to find the other commonly-known TLDs, then set these to redirect to your main TLDs. In addition, you might want to buy SeeMeBlogGin as a domain name.

As you will contribute to your annual domain name bills you also avoid future problems later. The primary reason is to avoid competition with other sites with similar names with different TLDs. You don't like anything else.

Different Domain Extensions

domain extensions

There are many different domain extensions available for use, and each has its own benefits.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular domain extensions-

  • .NET: The .net extension is often used by technology-based businesses or websites. .NET domains are seen as being reliable and trustworthy, making them a good choice for businesses that deal with sensitive information.
  • .ORG: The .org extension is most commonly used by non-profit organizations. .ORG domains are seen as being credible and authoritative, making them a good choice for companies that want to build trust with their audience.
  • .INFO: The .info extension is perfect for websites that provide information on a wide range of topics. .INFO domains are often used by news websites, educational websites, and reference websites.
  • .BIZ: The .biz extension is perfect for businesses of all sizes. .BIZ domains are seen as being professional and credible, making them a good choice for companies that want to build trust with their audience.
  • .US: The .us extension is perfect for businesses or websites that are targeting the United States market. .US domains are seen as being patriotic and trustworthy, making them a good choice for companies that want to build trust with their American audience.

2. Incorporate Keywords Strategically

Keywords on the domain name are similar to sugar on a waffle. It's an excellent bonus and has nothing to do with it unless you really want it. If that's possible, using keywords is good practice.

Top SEO experts said add keywords not just for content rank on search engines.

In terms of search rankings, keywords in the domain have some SEO benefits as well. Approximately 63% of most popular domain names have a keyword.

keyword in domain

But Google doesn't like the exact match search terms domain name nowadays. 

So, it's an analysis of SEO experts that keyword-rich domains will benefit SEO rankings from the anchor text that people linked to your site.

Guess your keyword is "glass replacement business" or "pasta recipe" in that case, it doesn't make sense to take domains with that exact match domain. In other words, your domain name should have the quality of easy pronunciation.

Since word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to express emotion, no matter how perfect your domain is use keywords or not.

So, strategically put keywords in your domain name that reflect your brand; otherwise, it could be negative associations and not good for search engines as well.

3. Short or Long Which is Better for Domain Name?

What would be the most memorable domain name for you? Most probably the domain that you can easily pronounce or express verbally. 

Well, shorter names are always good for any business. Because short names are memorable, easy to pronounce, spelled & type than a longer domain name.

Why is a short domain name more effective? Firstly short names are easy to remember. Too long domain names may also give you a false sense. There must be some risk of mistyping or misspelling if your domain is too long.

Therefore, the experts recommend that a domain name should not be over 14 characters. If you plan to make a professional email address with your brand domain names, it will only work when people can easily pronounce and spell it.  

If you're using a less complex name and have a name that is easily recognizable then your domain may have been short in some way.

Hence, a simple pronunciation domain keeps itself memorable and increases people's chance to visit the site and connect to their network. 

And keep your domain name short is the best way to make it easy to pronounce and spell. While placing keywords is a positive association but overboard can be a reason for loss of potential traffic.

So, keeping your domain name short is a good idea.  

What Makes a Good Domain?

A good domain name should never be over three words. When choosing a domain name for your website, it is important that you keep in mind what people will be typing into Google and other search engines.

Keep names simple so they can easily read them or remember the site's content without having difficulty remembering how to spell its title!

In order for people to recognize and type the website correctly need an easy way of finding the site.

So, leave some room on there!

Relevant phrases help them do just this by making sure their searches yield relevant results- without having too many entries that may confuse or irritate anyone trying to find something specific about one person/business.

4. Avoid Hyphens & Numbers

If you're planning to buy a domain with a hyphen or number to get your desired domain, I must say you're on the wrong track.

Because using hyphens in the domain name it's a sign of a spam domain, and you might not want to make a question mark of your online presence, right!

You may use hyphens or numbers as a creative way to get a quality domain that already has a domain authority. But audiences can forget to type the hyphen or number since it can't express verbally properly and is hard to remember.

As a result, your audiences will end up on your competitor's website. Then the tricky way would be worthless and even worse for you. 

So, when choosing a domain name, stick to the letters only!

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5. Keep It Unique and Brandable Over Generic

brandable domain

When talking about a domain name then a brandable name is always better than generic domains.

It is impossible to describe domain name strategies without talking about branding. 77% make purchasing decisions for their brands. It is even worse that 90% of these decisions are subconsciously influenced by the brand's associations.

Considering you're a blogger and your blog domain should have a brandable name. Because only brand domain can stand out in your audience's mind.

Research your competitors' domains and then make a unique name for your site. A unique domain potentially helps you to avoid legal issues as well. You might not want to be the reason for the customer confusion by using a trademark or active domain name and be accused of legal action.

In that manner, if you need a custom website name for making a brandable name and need to pay high for choosing from premium domains, it's recommended don't compromise.

In return for high pay, a brandable domain will put up your marketing exertion, helping to make brands and impact the audience's mind.

6. Avoid Double Letters

You might not want to lose traffic, right? So then, avoid using doubled letters on your domain name. 

The usage of double letters in domain names translates to typography. Doubled letters are difficult to read.

Double letters on your domain name are technically you inviting your audiences for typos. And definitely, typing mistakes cause your audiences to end up on other sites and lose your audiences.

Depending on the type of error that is committed it is possible for someone to typosquat and steal the traffic on that page.

And spending even minutes trying to learn the spelling in my domain is unattractive.

Avoiding double letters is a quick solution to reduce typing mistakes, make it brandable and increase visitors to your website.

7. Leave Room to Expand

It will be a smart move if you choose a domain name that reflects your business or niche.

Your domain is a way for your audience to get an idea of your website. In that manner, you should target a specific audience but not so precisely that kills the room for growing your website.

For example, first, you may start a business about the t-shirt and choose a domain name like But when you want to expand your business with jeans or other apparel, there is no room to attract those audiences. 

Hence, you should start with a domain name that is flexible enough to expand whenever you want. As well as, when you select a potential domain name for your business, you need to make sure you can use the same name for each platform if you need to.

So, check out the social media sites for sure there are no social media profiles with that exact match or partial match domain name

Your business needs to be unique also on social media platforms. Additionally, your brand will be stronger, and you can avoid lost visitors as well.

Imagine you buy a domain that is suited for your business. But there is already a Facebook page or Twitter account that exactly or partially matches your domain name.

In that case, definitely, your visitors will end up in the wrong place when they look for your brand name on social media platforms.

So, before you buy your domain, search your selected domain name on social media handles to be sure the name is also available on social channels to use.

8. Use Domain Name Generators to Get Domain Name Ideas

If we talk about already registered domains, the number is now over 360 million. As a result, you may not be able to pick a website name ideas that match your business.

I can understand how frustrating & time-consuming each domain search is and check if it is trademarked or not. 

domain name generator

This is the time domain name generators can help you out. There are plenty of free business name or domain name generator tools available such as "Domain Wheel" to get domain name ideas. 

So, choose one free tool that can help you find your business's relevant names or alternate names of the domains if it is already taken.

Just put some potential seed keywords as an act of domain name search, and these tools will show you thousands of alternative domains in the list of additional domains.

Sometimes you'll easily have to go through several hundred words before settling on the best one. Thesaurus is a secret weapon. It helps you search for synonyms but provides quick definitions so you do not have to make an unintentional mistake and create your name around an idea that you have misinterpreted.

Hopefully, there will be some available domains & you would find one that could make your brand.  

9. Buying an Existing Domain

In different ways, you can get your preferred domain name. Sometimes you may go for an existing domain instead of buying a new domain.

In that case, you can buy an expired domain that may have a good audience history as well as in Google Search Console. You can also find a huge range of auction domains from different domain registrars.

An expired domain can help you to boost your site performance and you can also get traffic from the very first day of your website launch. Because you’re not going to start from scratch. You can find a perfect domain by participating in domain auctions.

Some auction domains are as fresh as a newly registered domain. It might be registered once but the website owner may never use it for any action. 

But taking this type of auction domain may cost a little bit more than a new domain since many people can participate and wish to get the same domain name you selected.

10. Before Buying, Check the Domain History

When you narrow down your search and select a potential domain name for your business, make sure the domain name is trademark-free. Just because a domain is showing available doesn't mean no one can claim as the domain owner you purchased.

Sometimes even a great domain name you want to register has already been registered before but has now been withdrawn. I'm sure you have an idea how they worked.

Check Domain History via Wayback Machine. It will definitely help you check even if the domain is new. Simply enter the time machine and look back to the time when websites were created.

domain checker

To be safe, get some aftermarket domain names historical data and check out if your selected domain has a purchased history or not. Many domain reseller websites have a huge domain purchased historical data, and they even allow you to see it.

Simply search for the domain, and everything will be shown on your screen.

When you're planning to buy aged or expired domains, checking the domain histories is more important than anything else. Your selected expired domain may be hosted adult content, or it may have Google penalties, etc.

In that case, even if you find an ideal domain name you must avoid it for your business reputation.

So, to make sure, use some tools to research the domain history, including purchase history, backlink history, penalties check, etc. 

11. Act Quickly to Get Your Domain

Thousands of domains are registered every minute worldwide. Moreover, some domains are expensive, and also the availability of domains is always questionable. Fortunately, many domains are cheap and still intact.

But you have to act fast!

So, if you find the best domain name for your business, act as quickly as possible to get your hands on them.

Many people are searching for a desirable domain, so someone else may choose the same domain that you want to take.

In that case, if you don't take quick action to register your favorite domain names, then someone else can take it at any moment.   

So, if you find a brandable domain name for your business, immediately choose a reliable domain registrar to buy the selected domain.

There's another good resource on choosing a domain. See it here -

Register Your Domain From A Reliable Source

Once you have done the research for a good domain and completed the selection process, now it's time to find a reliable domain registrar. Then choose one of those who can fulfill your needs and demands.

domain registration

Check out some of the best domain registering companies online for more details. Some domain registration companies offer lower prices for the first year but the renew price of the domain increases two or three times at renewal.

Unfortunately, this price can increase your annual domain bill. So, check the price policy and then take the attempts at domain transfers on your name.

Although you can find many domain registrars, you need to end up with the best domain registrars. However, registering or renew your domain via a web host is a good solution.

If you already have a good hosting provider and register your domain from them, it makes sense.

Wrapping Up

Once you're online, changing your domain or domain extensions can be much more time-consuming and would also create a bad impression for your brand towards your audiences. So, it's recommended to choose a perfect name for the domain you would love, even if it takes a little bit of time.

Only then your life and business will be more comfortable! Hence, choosing a domain name can be harder than naming your kids. Fortunately, now you have the 11 pro tips to choose a great domain to start your online journey.

Hopefully, you will settle on choosing the desired domain for your site.

If you want to learn how you can get a free domain name for your business let us know. We'll write a comprehensive guide about how to get a free domain name that really works.


What are premium domain names?

Premium domain names are nothing more but getting a premium domain name can cost you millions of dollars. Can’t believe it! 

Well, is the most expensive domain ever. The owner had paid around $90 million dollars for this domain. Since a premium domain can have some brand value that is registered by an organization or individual.

How do I keep my domain safe?

In order to keep your domain safe and secure, you must own an SSL certificate. Taking an SSL certificate will give your website & business authenticity. If you have transactions through your website then owning an SSL is a must thing immediately after registering your domain name.

How to get a free domain?

Many hosting provider companies have the option to register a domain as a service. Among them, some offer a free domain with affordable website hosting options.

Some companies offer this free domain registration only for the first year. So, you may pay at the renewal time, but still, it's not expensive. Moreover, you don't need to worry about migrating your domain if you register from the same company where you subscribed for hosting services.

So, we recommend choosing a reliable and good hosting provider first, then register your domain through the same company. In that way, you can get your preferable domain free, although it's maybe only for the first year still it would be a good deal.

Who manages all domain names?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing all registered domain names. It’s a non-profit company that manages DNS, IP addresses & namespace-related databases, and follows the highest security protocols. ICANN also provides the WHOIS information after someone confirms and registers a domain name on the server.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a response and information providing a protocol that provides information about domain owner name, mobile number, contact addresses, allocate IP addresses, etc. This information is compiled and stored in the WHOIS information database. But this information database is accessible for most of the domains enrolled globally. Well in short WHOIS works as an international information book for the public to provide information about the registered domains & their owners.

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