How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

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April 27, 2022
Digital Marketing in 2021

The digital marketing landscape is oversaturated, owing to the fact that everyone is going online. What would have happened in five years has already occurred as a result of covid-19. The ecommerce business landscape saw a tremendous upheaval in 2020. Consumers developed new shopping patterns and raised their brand expectations.

As a result of coronavirus restrictions, more firms shifted online, resulting in the evolution of digital marketing services. To reflect the new reality, brands had to revamp their advertisements. Now the question is - How digital marketing will change in 2021?

According to Dan Dillon, Vice President of Marketing at Reveal Mobile – 

“As the pandemic subsides, shoppers, diners, tourists and consumers of all kinds are going to go OUT. And when they go, they are going big. Marketers will need to know where their ideal customers go, how often they visit, competitors they’re shopping at — as much as they can know about the offline consumer journey.”

Do You Think Consumer Behavior will Change and Going Back to Pre-Covid?

If you're waiting for customer behavior to return to pre-coronavirus levels, it's preferable to accept the new reality. The behavior modification is permanent. Businesses spent much of 2020 responding to these developments. It's now time to create clever digital marketing tactics that keep up with the times. You should concentrate on value-based pricing and messaging in 2021.

So, it’s obvious that digital marketing is changing. How will it change? What new technology and trends should you be on the lookout for? What is the most effective strategy for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers in 2021?

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021?

In this content, I will point out some of the major trends to look out for in the coming year, as well as how you can use them to build your eCommerce business and online presence.

Page Speed will be the Most Important than Ever

The first trend I'd like to discuss with you is page speed. It will be more vital than ever. I know there’s 5G out there and many people are using that. But how many areas that there may be 5G or 4G? The fact that your connection is fast does not imply that the website will load quickly. As a result, you must ensure that your website loads super-fast. In that case, your website load speed depends on some factors like local internet speed, website theme, design, and of course your web hosting. Improving page speed not only increases conversions but also increases traffic to your website or business.

7 SEO Techniques to Double Your Organic Traffic

Learn about how you should use SEO tactics to increase your website traffic.

Content Length Won’t Matter as Much

Everyone’s talked about how if you want to rank in the top 10 of Google, you need to have 1500- or 2000 or more-words content. Is it really needed? A big NO.

Do you think Google wants to show you 2000 words on how to tie a tie? No, because you as a user don’t want to see that many words of content for a task that requires 5 minutes or less. People wanna see animated GIFs or videos that break on how to tie a tie. So, text-based content length doesn’t matter as much as Google is using more user signals.

A short Kicker: Try to make your audio and video length longer and more relevant. Anything around 7 to 10 minutes is good enough.

It’s all About Marginal Gains

There’s no holy grail in digital marketing because it is super competitive. That means one hack will not get you the silver bullet that just helps you beat your competition. 

You have been heard of Dave Brailsford, the famous British cycling coach. Well, you can Google him if he’s unfamiliar. His theory was that if you improved every aspect of cycling by just 1%, the little gains would add up to significant increases.

Similarly, in digital marketing, it’s all about getting little marginal gains. For instance, if you are using voice search, have you used Jetson Ai to make your site compatible with voice devices so people can actually buy? This is a little marginal gain example that can give you a leg up on your competition.

Ranking Higher on Search Engines will matter More than Ever

If you rank first on Google, you will receive more clicks than if you rank second, third, fourth, or fifth. In 2021, my prediction is – that Google is going to be much more aggressive on SEO rankings and search engine positions. That way they can hit bigger numbers.

So, if you rank well on Google and get SEO traffic, you have a good chance of succeeding. So, the tagline is, that you need to really go after these top spots because they are going to matter more than ever.

The video published by Brian Dean, the CEO of Backlinko - would be helpful as well.

Repurposing and Updating

Everyone is talking about the new content. However, there are over a billion blogs, and thousands of YouTube channels, and everyone is already on sites such as Clubhouse. As a result, people are already utilizing all channels and creating content in a variety of places.

Therefore, it is the toughest job to create new content more often and increase engagement. But what happens if you start repurposing and updating the existing one?

There’s already enough information out there. You can just take the existing information and repurpose it. You can also update other people’s content to make it more purposeful.  Remember this while updating/repurposing.

  • Go super in-depth.
  • Don’t stop with video in terms of content. Creating audio content/podcasts will help a lot.
  • Update more often than you release new content.
  • Optimize for new platforms like Clubhouse.

Clubhouse: It is a new type of social media voice platform where people all around the world come together to listen, talk, and discuss with each other in real-time. It is booming right now.

Don’t Run for Quantity, It’s Quality that matters

Does it really matter if a site has a million backlinks?

Not really. What really matters to users is the relevance of a site.

That is what search engines are optimizing for, and that is what you should strive for. Quality of the backlink and topical relevance of the site is key. All you need is –

  • make your content more relevant.
  • make the user experience better.

Brand will have More Power

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool”

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google


It’s not just Google that believes brand will have more power. With Facebook, with Clubhouse whatever platform that you are going to go and leverage. If you have a brand, it’s easier to get followers and you are much more likely to do better in the long run. Thus, it’s easier to get more sales.

People trust brands, search engines, and social platforms- all of them trust brands. So, make sure you focus on building that brand.

Final Thoughts

These suggestions can help you build your business in 2021. It will also be important to keep up with crucial changes and trends in the digital marketing arena. Get in touch with Bitbytesoft today if you want to work with a digital marketing agency you can rely on to help your company develop.

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