Employee Relations: The ULTIMATE In-Depth Guide

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Employee Relations

In an organization, an employee is a heart to run the full function. We need good employees who can improve the overall condition of the business and bring better results. Generally, HR managers deal with the staff; here, they have to deal with the team with technique, as they feel good in the office environment.

Today, we will discuss the office etiquettes where one will deal with another one with good behavior, and others will appreciate it. In brief, we will discuss employee relations for an organization.

Generally, HR managers deal with the staff; they do two things. They implement all HR rules in the office and deal with the team to make the environment better. The task is not easy; they have to balance person by person. They can make the office in a winning situation, and they can lose control. So, this would be the story we will be talking about today.  

Employee Relations

In-office, there are two types of management, firstly Appreciative Management, secondly Persuasive Management. In both systems, the employee has to go through two different situations. We will see how the scenario changes. Every staff member tries to fulfill his duty, and he does his best in the office. But the management takes the result in two different feedback.  

In Appreciative Management, the HR manager and bosses appreciate the staff for their efforts. They encourage him to do better. They take his approach positively and tell him that he can do better. In this way, the staff gets energized. He tries his best to give his efforts to better the organization; he will work extra hours and achieve his goal.

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In this type of management style, the staff is always appreciated by the management people. If one staff member fails to achieve his goal, office management tells him that he is doing well and should try better to complete it next time. In this way, the staff is better served, and they achieve day by day.  

employee relations
good employee relations is necessary

In Persuasive Management, the management is always pursuing the staff. They always tell the team to do more work, and they are not giving much effort to the office. In these cases, the management, HR managers always pursue the staff. So, they become tired of it, they work in the office but do not do that with happiness.

They are always afraid that office management will pursue them for some other works. As the management never appreciates it, they are not happy with the feedback of the management. In this method, the entire office environment is shattered, and the HR managers cannot get good results out of the staff quickly.  

As we have discussed two types of office management that have an impact on staff relations. You cannot bring results out of the staff. So, you should have a good, palpable relationship with the team. The HR managers should be smart. They know what to do, but they act as the management tells them to do. So, we have to understand what should be done and how they should act.  

How to Improve Employee Relations 

The HR Managers generally manage the office. They have to be smart and jolly-minded to get these things done. They should have a smile on their face when they are working. While talking to the staff, he should have built good relationships with the team. The employees should have a positive approach toward him.

At the same time, the HR manager should have good ideas about his staff. He should keep in mind that his team is working, they are dedicated, and they should have more motivation to get the task done. He will observe the working track of the staff.  

How To Improve Employee Relations

If he finds any staff dedicated to his work, he will appreciate his task and motivate him. With his better approach and motivation, that team will do better and give you different results. But there are the opposite pictures too. Some staff members are not dedicated; they follow the rules and cannot achieve anything.

These types of staff are always trying to stay focused; they do work to keep in the eye of office management. All of their activities are for managing the management people. They are dangerous for the working environment.  

HR managers should identify these types of people and guide them. If they are trained well, they can do better. These types of people need better observation, better guidance, and more motivation. If they are managed well, they can do better. Doing work and keeping the focus on management appreciation is not a good practice. So, they should be handled reasonably.  

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Worst Case Scenario

Mr. Allen was in a software firm, where he was a project manager. He was supposed to manage the whole team there; he had an excessive workload. He was working in the organization from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. He had so much workload that he took each day 12-13 hours to complete his tasks. He was happy, as he loved to work. His lead manager was observing him and found him to be a dedicated person. He always appreciated him and guided him that he was doing well. Mr. Allen was happy about the feedback of the management and tried more to achieve his targets. He was more motivated then.  

Suddenly he got an offer from a development organization for a higher salary. He was happy and joined there for better opportunities. His task was similar to the previous one to manage his team. He was very much dedicated and tried to achieve his targets. He was working as usual extra hours for better results. Being a new company, he was giving extra effort in his work. But the feedback from his team leader was different. Mr. Allen was giving his 100% to get the team organized and doing the tasks well.  

There were weekly meetings, and there the team leader started to accuse him that he was not dedicated, he had no respect for the work and many more. He was not ready for this; he was, as usual, the same person with the same working attitude. But the management feedback was different, so he chose not to continue with the office. He started his venture and gave his 100% to achieve more.  

Here we can see that one employee can act differently in different management. He was completely changed for his management feedback, and he changed his track of work. Employee relations can change the results too. Employee meaning is someone working for the organization and is supposed to bring better outcomes for the organization.

The office is a base of employment relations; no one is out of it. So, all should follow the employment relations definition and know what employee relations are. We should base on the employee relations defined. 

Final Words 

The employee is the strength of an organization. They run an organization, and they bring results for it. Managers can contribute, but they should depend on the employees for all kinds of work. So, managing employees is an art. None can manage employees with bullets; it should always be a cooperative approach where both the employee and management can gain good results. In big corporations, you will find Appreciative Management, who love employees and achieve more than expected.

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