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Bitbytesoft specialises in angular application development service for small, medium and enterprise level project front end. With many satisfied customers across the globe, we are a one-stop-shop for everything you need with this framework.
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Fast & Smart Angular Application Development Service By Our Experts

Build lightweight, scalable and intuitive applications
Whether its
Angular 13 / AngularJs
Angular is a great option for building high-quality, enterprise level software. It offers ready made modules that will help scale your project and make it go faster. Its features and modules make it easy to scale the project, which means you can get your business up and running faster than ever before!
Our team of experts can provide everything they need to function effectively as well as give you complete control over how these individuals work on projects.
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What We Are Offering at Bitbytesoft

We believe that we can help you accomplish your goals and objectives with our effective, quality driven Angular development services.
custom app development
Custom App
We'll take your vision and convert it into a functional and modern web app that will wow your customers and help you stand out from the competition.
material ui
Material UI
Angular  Material is one of the best choices for any web app. Our team of experienced Angular developers can help you create a stunning user experience with Angular Material components.
offline browsing
PWA and Offline Browsing
Whether you're looking for a reliable PWA or want to take advantage of offline browsing, Angular is the perfect solution.
server side rendering
Server Side Rendering
SSR is important for retaining your SEO settings and ensuring that your web application is visible to search engines.
micro frontend
Micro frontends with 
Looking to modernize your web development process? We have the expertise and experience to help you align your application development with your business goals.
AngularJS Support &
Maintenance Services
We know how to make web development easier for small businesses and large corporations alike - with our expertise in AngularJS support services!

Why Choose Bitbytesoft 
for Angular Applicaiton Development Service?

You can trust our team to deliver your project on-time and within budget. We don't waste bugs or poor coding, so you won’t have any problems with functionality!
Dedicated Team
We are a highly trained, dedicated team, helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams streamline success not just in work, but in life too.
Schedule Oriented
Bitbytesoft developers and the team always honour the client project time highly and try to pursue the development fast enough to not miss any potential deadline.
Quality and Security
With Bitbytesoft, you can trust that your app will be reliable and secure. So don't settle for anything less
Technical Support
We have a wide range of experience and technical support team who can resolve any issue you may be experiencing.

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Key Benefits to Choose Angular

AngularJS for web app development. This powerful tool makes it easy to create amazing web applications that are fast, responsive, and user-friendly.
Speed & Performance
With its unique code generation and splitting features, AngularJS can dramatically improve your server performance, while also providing a better user experience.
Simplified MVC Pattern
By leveraging the power of Simplified MVC Pattern helps you to organise your application in Model, View, and Controller. This unique architecture provides a number of benefits, including code reusability, less development time, and high software quality.
Large Community Support
With a worldwide community of expert developers, extensive support channels, and a powerful ecosystem of tools and libraries, Angular ensures that you have everything you need to build your best application.

Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to develop an Angular Project?
It depends on the size and scope of the project. However, Angular projects typically take some weeks to months to build application from scratch. You can be assure that Bitbytesoft Angular application development service team can provide you a clear and concise development plan.
Why should I use Angular for my project?
Angular is a great choice for projects that require speed, simplicity, and scalability. Besides that a lot of renowned company are using and migrating to angular application development.
What is Angular CLI?
The Angular CLI is a tool that you can use to help develop, scaffold and maintain your app. The interface allows for quick startups with minimal input from the user while also being an excellent resource when starting out new projects.

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