Super Ultra Rare

We proudly used Oxygen Builder to create this massive long designed webpage. This involved a major time commitment.
The Client
Super Ultra Rare, The World’s #1 NFT marketplace for real-world collectibles. Their Marketplace embodies elegance, sophistication & true art. Before these vehicles were only available to the top 1% and the most wealthy car collectors. They have created a paradigm shift by decentralizing ownership of the rarest exotic cars on the planet so the other 99% of the population can also own these ultra rare collectibles.
The first NFT marketplace that takes Ultra Rare Cars and allows anyone to have fractional ownership.
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Business Need

The client needed a eye-catching website to showcase their classic cars, exotic cars, and super rare cars in a different way. They required a database to add more cars series and organize their activities accordingly. Through a web application, they wanted to grab the online audience to become part of automotive history. We've completed many major projects, which include large content blogs, company websites, eye-catching animation. As a result, to keep up with the existing technology, they contacted Bitbytesoft. It was costly and a bit complex for both our developers and clients.


  • Making responsive at every viewport (i.e. 4k display) while design is not responsive
  • Curved text along with cars
  • YouTube video background in the hero section but cannot display any YouTube label as per client requirement
  • Different design pattern in Desktop and Mobile viewport
  • A very long sales page that needs to fast and flexible
  • Implementing different animations while scrolling the site

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • We used the Oxygen Builder to make site performance better
  • Developed the site responsive that is accessible and appropriately visible on all devices
  • Custom coded JavaScript for the curve text path
  • Used jQuery to take a bunch of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code
  • Worked with YouTube player API reference for iframe embeds to fulfilled client recommendation
  • Implemented different animations using concept like animate on scroll.


We completed the project that is 100% responsive and user-friendly that allows the user to explore the whole site with great experience. Super Ultra Rare™ has established the world's first NFT art and rare collectible museums. They discussed with us to showcase their crown jewels of the Super Ultra Rare™ vehicle collection that belongs to the Super Ultra Rare™ community. So, our developers built the website with great functionality for their future plan that is super flexible. However, there were several drawbacks of the main design. But we managed to overcome that using Oxygen Builder, that is perfect balance of flexibility, ease of use and performance.
super ultra rare client project

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