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The software helps to make a dynamic real estate business that is fully functional and 100% responsive. 
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The Client
The client began in 2010 when we could renovate many bank assets and transform them into modern home buildings. Our extensive experience of selling, remodeling, and renovating more than 400 properties in Costa del Sol has enabled us to have that valuable experience of advising our clients. We continue to put all of our accumulated good experiences into building our new projects, advising our clients, and exploring new investment opportunities. Siesta Homes has been in the spotlight for more than 20 years, delivering five-star buildings. Our in-depth understanding of the Costa del Sol’s real estate market and the close bonds we build with local buyers allow us to avoid obstacles and find creative solutions for all kinds of needs.
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Business Need

The client needed Bitbytesoft’s service to create a web application using WordPress. The client required a dynamic real estate website to see the available rental areas and their details online. They needed a website allowing their customers to reach out to them regarding specific properties in their favorite places. So our experienced website developers know what to do. As a result, experts created a complex system where customers could select different property features in queries and easily find them from the database. 


1. Advanced design and development service 

2. Advanced theme template development

3. Use of premium plugins and Divi layout injections

4. Expert on Inmolink theme extras

5. Rental property search form and query option to select specific properties from the database

6. Advanced on-page SEO for best optimization

7. Showcase of the clients different services like concierge services and resort management 

8. Development of elegant blog pages that attract the audience

9. Development of contact system for customers to reach out to Sunset Bay Village

What Bitbytesoft Did

  1. Development of a proposal for a framework and interactive UI/UX
  2. WordPress web application development
  3. Testing, troubleshooting, and debugging of the web application
  4. Keyword research, basic on-page SEO, and analysis of the market competition
  5. Provided support post-delivery support for the client’s convenience  


Bitbytesoft helped the client showcase their vast experience selling, renovating, and remodeling more than 400 properties on the Costa del Sol. These developments have led them to know how to appeal to their target audience in the market. Through our services, they continue to put all their accumulated experience into their work, with which they create new projects, advise their clients, and search for new investment opportunities. The client’s trust and investment made with Bitbytesoft were worth it as they were exceedingly happy with their service. 
dynamic real estate website development

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