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Advanced WordPress Development

The client is an independent training and coaching consultancy that helps businesses handle their assets. 
Advanced WordPress theme Development
The Client
The client works with associate partners all over the world who thrive in this industry. They get that there is an individual with individual strengths. They get that their business need is critically unique for each client. They make sure that they will not try to fit their client’s business into a management consultancy model or training/coaching program convenient. Whether their customers join them as individual members, work with them in the UK, or scope out an international project – you will find that NGA is different from other companies in the industry.
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Business Need

The client needed Bitbytesoft’s service to create a website that provides customers a preview of their services. This website needed to include consulting, coaching, training, self-directed learning, and much more. They required the website to have an account creation set up where members could log into their dashboard. They also needed pages to display information about their development club. As a result, our team developed a complex system where the clients could track their activities properly after signing up as members through the website.


1. Full design and development services

2. Theme Template Development for the website

3. Development of theme components

4. Expert on Both Revolution and Evolution Development

5. Login and Sign up system

6. Interactive and easily navigable interface

What Bitbytesoft Did

  1. Initial development of the framework and UI/UX
  2. Advanced WordPress website development
  3. Installation of premium themes and plugins
  4. Testing, Troubleshooting and debugging
  5. On-page SEO and social media marketing, keyword research
  6. 1-month after delivery support


The client was very impressed with the website design. The representation of the information was eye-catching and attracted many new potential customers of the client. The website also increased the professional appearance of the company to appeal to the online audience. Therefore, the client was overall pleased with the service Bitbytesoft gave.
Advanced WordPress theme Development

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