Magento Development

We have found that custom Magento development would be the best option for this project. The client has a business to sell natural ingredients made from health products which are being sold all over the world through the website.
The Client
To provide a smooth shopping experience and highlight the product features, Bitbytesoft needed the client to redesign this project. After going over the discussion with the client, we have found that Magento would be the best option. We also have thought about the search optimization for the project in which Magento will also give us an excellent way to maintain and update.
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Business Need

This project’s required us to create a web application for their business. Bitbytesoft had to help the client make their business page website with e-store features. The client wanted to sell their products online so that customers could easily place their orders. The e-commerce store required us to showcase standard organic animal products or specialty, vegetarian-fed, non-GMO animal products. The customers could also see that Natura feeds contained all-natural feed additives and had the international certification.


  • The project has minimal information on the UI and UX. The client was non-technical. As a result, we had proposed our solution to the client for their approval.
  • After finalizing the UX and design, we designed a Magento Responsive theme
  • The client needed us to set up a Multi-store from the same backend. They can serve multiple webshops, which will help to increase the customer base and sell.
  • To complete the full webshop functionality, we had to install and configure third-party extensions.
  • For the online payment solution, we had to integrate Credit cards and Paypal payment methods.
  • The goal was to have a very fast webshop that loaded first. As a result, we are also speeding up the webshop’s operations.
  • We have done SEO on the page and provided pages for long-term SEO activities.
  • Provided training to the company’s employees to manage the site.

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • Verified the design and appearance of the website, we completed the construction of the store.
  • Improved the Magento custom theme and added the necessary extensions to enable all shopping features on the website.
  • Transfer the site from the stage to the production area.
  • Basic SEO on the page.
  • We inspected the website thoroughly and made a living.
  • Support provided after one month delivery for any bugs and problems.


Natura Feed Ingredients’ target audiences are animal feed manufacturers or animal producers. With the help of Bitbytesoft, the client was able to market itself internationally to its target audience. The client informed customers regarding their operations in the poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture sectors manufacturing their feed through the website. One thing that’s consistent among all their customers, no matter their specialty, is their commitment to their success. The web application helped customers see Natura feed as an authentic and reliable provider by highlighting their certification and experience.

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