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This project is a fully-featured Magento e-commerce solution. It's a California-based sock company dedicated to providing its customers with the best health and performance of their feet.  
magento ecommerce development
The Client
Their five-toe sock design helps increase your foot’s freedom and natural function inside the customer’s shoe, which means less time worrying about discomfort and more time for your next adventure. our client wanted an e-commerce site where they could sell their products and give people a better understanding of the advanced technology they put into them. Apart from increasing sales, they aimed to spread awareness of their product and establish trust between their customers. 
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project details and duration

Business Need

The client needed Bitbytesoft’s service to create a website to manage their existing sales. They wished to increase their sales by appealing to a larger audience than shopping online. Overall this client wanted steady growth in sales while also creating an online platform where their customers could purchase their products without hesitation. The website needed to be professional, search engine optimized, and dynamic to compete with their existing competition in the market. 


  • Magento Responsive theme Design and Development
  • Multi-store setup expert
  • Vast knowledge on extensions and extension integration
  • Secure Checkout and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Excellent Optimization of the website
  • Designs better than that of existing competition
  • Speed optimization 
  • Designing dynamic templates to appeal to international customers
  • Integration of newsletter to allow clients to arrange campaigns and updates to their customers 
  • Setting up their pro purchase application process on the website 
  • Setting up retailer account set up and login portals 

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • Initial development of the framework and UI/UX
  • Development of the website with Magneto theme
  • Testing the e-commerce site according to market standards
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Optimization of the website to researched keywords
  • Provided support to clients after deliver for smooth operation and function of the website sales


After the project’s initial launch, the website grew exponentially month after month with minimum spent on advertising and marketing. The project reached more than 1000 users within a few months of its launch. The performance of the website exceeded the client’s exceptions in developing leads and traffic. The website analyzes data for the clients that they can utilize with the latest royalty promotions to increase customer interactivity and deliver better optimizations of information and responsiveness.  
The initial investment of the website was quickly compensated within the first few months of use, allowing the client to research and plan the next step for the advancement in the sector. Side by side, creating plans to improve the interactivity between the customer and employees.
magento ecommerce development

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