The software is about custom LMS development. It is one of the best-trained institutions in the UK. They design their in-house equipment to provide customers with up-to-date, exciting workbooks that work best together and improve their learning experience.
custom LMS development
The Client
The client has a training and development research center located in the UK. They are pioneers in integrating Neuroscience with Bite-Size Learning and development. Their primary purpose is to change the way people submit information and put it into action. All of their lessons help people understand easily. The digital platform allows them to access the material at any time, at their own pace, and at their discretion. Once customers have used their learning materials, they can access the test. After completing the exams, they are sent certificates to the e-mail address of the course takers.
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Business Need

The client requires Bitbytesoft to create a website that contains an LMS management system. The clients required the website to allow customers to purchase online courses and upload readings to customers. The web app also needed a response section and a question to make the information more interactive. Bitbytesoft has added a variety of new services to the client’s website to keep people coming back. Instead of promoting services, these new features focus on building a community that allows users to connect.


  1. Development of website with the WordPress platform
  2. Theme development to suit the client’s requirements
  3. Dynamic and interactive framework and UI/UX
  4. Learning Management System
  5. Payment gateway integration of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, Paypal
  6. Development of systems for course registration, catalog set up, intelligent search options, course completion certification
  7. Course system development programs, catalog setup, intelligent search options, graduation certificate
  8. User Interface, User Experience & Responsive Design.
  9. Proper optimization of the web application, both on-page and off-page
  10. Development of a secure system to handle data and user information.

What Bitbytesoft Did

  1. Creation of a user-friendly framework and UI/UX
  2. After designing the initial framework, Bitbytesoft created the site with a premium LMS WordPress theme
  3. Setting up e-commerce functionality on the site
  4. Troubleshooting and debugging the different issues
  5. Setup up a complex learning management system so that the clients could upload courses and sell them
  6. Search engine optimization, keyword research for a website
  7. 1-month post-delivery support


Our efforts have helped to position this client as a new leader in the online curriculum development industry. This one-stop-shop on their website proved to be a real difference from their competition. The students were very involved. Now they have moved to the site to learn from Harpar’s unique and up-to-date studies, do research and learn, and plan what they want to achieve next.The client has grand plans to bring in extra revenue through the website and provide the best experience for all new online skills development community members. The enhanced custom web product enabled Harper’s clients to purchase and enroll in online courses for business management, health and safety, health and social care, education and training, leadership and management, sales and marketing, human resources, and coaching and mentoring.

custom LMS development

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