Eoorox, website built with Elementor page builder . The site is designed to connect gamers, managing live streaming, matching game with others.
Eoorox gaming website
Demo Project
We picked this template for several reasons. This has everything to learn and build. This template design focused for any gaming platform that includes streaming, marketplace, shop, blog, match making between players etc. So, lots of functionality could be done.
setting project goal

Our Goal

Our Senior Software Engineer Team members guided the intern to build the concept and design architecture. So, we have cloned the website from another sources and redesigned by our coding skills.


  • Device compatibility issues for video streaming
  • Optimizing bandwidth Usage
  • Advanced functionality for post match result

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • Developed the site using popular Elementor page builder
  • Optimized the custom code for buffer free streaming platform
  • Build the site in a way that will give you great user experience
  • Perfect balance between frontend and backend


We completed the project that is 100% responsive and user-friendly. It allows the user to explore the whole site with great experience. We used Elementor page builder, that is perfect balance of flexibility, ease of use and performance. However, we succeed to develop the site as per template that our developer has been followed.
gaming website template

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