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Our client is an inspiring motivational consultation that helps people see what a customer’s business needs. They have offices in Calgary and Boston.  
The Client
Our client is an inspiring motivational consultation that helps people see what a customer’s business needs. They have offices in Calgary and Boston. Their team understands digital marketing. Whether customers need email marketing, a website, or help with their PPC ads — they can count on their team to develop strategies that focus on long-term sustainability and explosive growth. They won the National and Local Excellence Award for UpCity. Each year, the UpCity National and Local Excellence award B2B service providers for the highest customer satisfaction and product integrity based on various aspects of online product reliability.
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Business Need

The client needs a website that contains a booking plan. This project requires the website to have customers reach the client about their services and upload the previous project items. Apart from that, the web app also needed a feedback section to make the experience more interactive. These features focus on building a community that allows users to connect. The client can now offer people the latest and most instructive courses, including discount offers, rating scores, and certificates.


  1. Propose a solution to the client for their approval with an initial framework and advanced UI/UX design.
  2. WordPress development of their website
  3. Theme development according to the requirements of the client
  4. Designing interactive design to attract customers
  5. We needed to set up a booking management system from the same back-end; they can schedule sessions with audiences, which will help increase the customer base and sell.
  6. To complete the full functionality of the portfolio website, we had to install and configure third-party extensions.
  7. Designed a project section to show-case previous experience
  8. Set-up of a blog and news section for clients to upload recent activities of their company
  9. Basic on-page SEO and proposed suggestions for long-term SEO activities.
  10. Training staff of the company for site management

What Bitbytesoft Did

  1. Initial development of the framework and UI/UX
  2. WordPress theme development with premium themes and premium plugins.
  3. Designed the web application to compete with rival companies
  4. Tested and debugged the website
  5. On-page optimization of the web application and also did advance researched keywords
  6. 1-month post-delivery support.


Bitbytesoft assisted the client by providing all of its services. This project starts with helping them focus on the performance of their customers and free up most of their time so that they can focus more on important business performance and not engage with their online audience. Advertising campaigns ensure that you get the best value for all aspects of your digital marketing strategy. The client receives continuous updates, support, and team access. Our team has kept Conscious Commerce on edge with interactive website templates built with mindfulness in mind. After developing the website, we also helped them with information on solutions. We made it easy for them to integrate the latest solutions available in the market. Our team delivered services to the company before the deadline and ensured no compromise on service quality. With the help of Bitbytesoft, the client has increased their company’s purchases and help their customers easily connect with them through an advanced booking management system.

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