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The software helps to make and sell apartments developed by the Microsoft.NET framework. 
Real estate web application
The Client
Although the process of finding a new property that meets all the customer requirements is complicated and tiresome, the client’s company makes sure the process doesn’t become monotonous. CasaVue puts their time where their mouth is and works with their customers personally to make CasaVue an exceptional selling experience. While they don’t promise to sell a person’s home – which depends on factors out of their control – but they guarantee to market people’s homes effectively for only a fraction of the cost and bring more buyers than ever before.
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setting project goal

Business Need

The client required us to make a desktop app and a web application to list properties from the company dashboard by creating accounts on the website. The desktop app was a conversion of the web application and accessed the same database of property listings. The system would first require viewers to create accounts and then enter the details of the property they wanted to sell. After entering the details, they could publish this information on the application dashboard. 


  •  5 years of C# and .net Development experience
  •  Asp.Net MVC Expert
  •  Microsoft Certified Developer
  •  Develop complete project from scratch
  •  Responsive HTML conversion
  •  Twitter Bootstrap Used
  •  Backend programming and Social media sign up integration
  •  Single Sign-on Integration between 2 site

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • To redesign this website, we first had to confirm the design and outlook of the website with the client and finalize the shop’s design.
  •  Developed custom Magento theme and install necessary extensions to enable all shopping features in the website.
  • Transfer the site from staging to the production environment.
  • Implemented basic on-page SEO.
  • Tested the website thoroughly and lived transaction.
  • Provided after-delivery support for one month for any possible bugs and issues.


Bitbytesoft helped the client in mainly four aspects. First is saving money in their marketing and instead investing it in Bitbytesoft. Through the dashboard, the manual process of taking property listing has turned entirely online. As a result, they will need less staffing, whereas documentation is much easier. The second benefit was showcasing properties efficiently, including virtual walk-through tours, irresistible online advertising, and eye-catching website designs. This design ultimately resulted in more offers for properties. The applications developed by Bitbytesoft also helped them in expert customer assistance as the applications gave easy access between the property listers and Casavue. Through the help of Bitbytesoft, the client took the interaction to the maximum, where The client could do more work with minimum effort.
Real estate web application

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