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Web Application using ASP.NET and C#
Web Application using ASP.NET and C#
The Client
The project is related to successful real estate business.  The main aim of the project is mainly to meet customers’ requirements and to exceed their expectations. And that is what they were looking for in the investment with Bitbyesoft. Unlike other real estate company products, Apex producers didn’t want to showcase their properties on their websites. Instead, they required an application that would help them in their office functionality. Their tenants needed a web application where they could access confidential information easily through an account sign-in system.
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Business Need

The client needed Bitbytesoft’s service to create a web application using C# and .net development. As the website has to be made from scratch, we required experts to complete—the application required to have account creation and login options. The site also needed to display packages created by the company and a gallery of the tools used when working.


  • 1. Advanced expertize with C#
  • 2. In-depth knowledge of .net development
  • 2. Asp.Net MVC Expert
  • 3. Developer requires certification from Microsoft
  • 4. Development of the application with converted HTML templates
  • 6. Development of user interface and everything from scratch
  • 7. Account creation, login, and sign up feature integration

What Bitbytesoft Did

  • 1. Creation of a wire-frame for user interface and design
  • 2. Development of the website using advanced code and logic
  • 3. Testing the website for bugs and carrying out revisions with the client
  • 4. Speed optimizing the site and installing a security system for fair use
  • 5. Training to use the application reasonably and appropriately after delivering the final project


The client, as a real estate company, was very impressed with the work done by bitbytesoft. Not only was the design of the application comparable to that of more advanced companies, but it also was search engine optimized. As a result, the site’s performance and impact on the client’s overall business were excellent. The training and support provided by us were also very much appreciated. The traffic and individual interaction were also able to be monitored through the back-end. As a result, the client could easily view the fantastic performance of the site.
Web Application using ASP.NET and C#

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