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Bitbytesoft developed a fully responsive and fully-functional parenting web app. This product is a leading parenting app. These mobile apps are available in every parent category, from conception to infant care to teaching and entertaining children.
parents web app development
The Client
From the supervision of a toddler and a newborn baby to a child’s coming to educate and entertain children as they grow older, these apps help parents. The applications include children’s journals to record children’s summaries, night lights with sleeping sound equipment, and recurring Aesop’s Fables narratives. these apps support nine languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. As a parent, Aesop can help with apps for tracking pregnancy progress, labor disputes, baby name choices, and more.
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setting project goal

Business Need

The client needs Bitbytesoft to create a web app where they can sell their app. First of all, the application needed to go easy and cooperate. It needed to increase the number of viewers on the site ideally. Essential functions include a support section where app users can go to customer care. One team had user testimonials and guidelines to show important details and ask potential customers when using the app. Apart from that, the site needed to highlight the company’s full launch and present a blog section of new industry-related articles.


1. WordPress development

2. Theme development

3. Dynamic template design

4. Online Marketing and Performance (on the page)

5. Setting up a customer care section for accessible communication between customers and the company

6. Interactive slide to show evidence and feedback from users.

What Bitbytesoft Did

1. Build a phone frame / UI / frame

2, Improve the site about the certified framework

3. The creation of content and the inclusion of images and content provided

Search Engine Performance

5. Assessing any problems and solving them

6. Review site and client with any modifications or edits

7. Support provided after submission of the completed project


Aesop’s programs were very impressed with the site’s results. Investing with bitbytesoft has led to better communication with app users and attracted new users later. On the other hand, the client was happy with the site’s design as we delivered what the client wanted.
parents web app development

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