the project is about vacation rental software that will help you to manage and maintain the rental property in an efficient way.
The Client
The client invested time to grow the community, and we’re able to realize their true mission. They wanted to provide the best vacation rental software and services to make management more accessible and profitable. The software is a leading platform in this exciting and fast-growing field of rental software providers. They are reaffirming their mission with a commitment to make sure there is constant product evolution. The client intends to deliver the highest standard of customer service. We are ensuring that their technology makes a difference to all who use it in their business.
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Business Need

The client required Bitbytesoft to create a website containing details regarding their website development services, rental management software, and other IT services. They needed the website to have the option for customers to view developed software and create opportunities to reach the software. The web application also required a feedback and query section to book a session. The client can now offer people the latest services, including Channel Management, Website Solutions, Integrated Solutions, and Vacation Rental Software.


1. Full design and development services

2. Modx Template Development

3. Modx component development

4. Expert on Both Revolution and Evolution Development

5. Account creation where users could log in and sign up for a new account to view the demos

6. Complete on-page SEO for the website

7. Development of a Customer review section

8. Interactive blog pages for customers to keep coming back to the website

9. Development of booking system for customers to reach out to 365villas for a session

10. Creation of API documentation for client to enter overview of necessary code.

What Bitbytesoft Did

1. Creation of an initial framework and UI/UX

2. After designing the framework, We created the website with the premium Modx theme

3. Development of booking system to schedule appointments

4. Account creation facilities

5. Set-up of advanced portfolio section to showcase theme demos developed by the client

6. BAsic on-page SEO and social media page integration

7. Post-delivery support


Through Bitbytesofts services, the client showcased all of its services and developed software and designs. The website worked as a portfolio page for them and a medium through which their customers could reach out. Due to the proper optimization of the website was able to appeal to its target audience. As a result, their vacation rental software received widespread attention. The traffic of the website was increasing day by day. It also provided the client’s customers with an overview of the guidelines for API documentation. The website we developed played an essential role in the functionality of the website and workflow. It made the marketing of their services more accessible, and therefore, the client was pleased with the overall performance of Bitbytesoft.

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