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Angular VS React 2022: Which one to choose for your next project and why should you choose?

Choosing the right technology for the project could be difficult since the performance depends on so many factors yet for faster development and continuous delivery choosing the right framework is crucial. Angular vs React has numerous points to consider in order to develop a scalable application.
November 18, 2021
Last Updated
January 20th, 2022

What is more popular when it comes to the question Angular vs React for your upcoming project development? What are the similarities and differences when we think Angular vs React? Which framework will be best choice for your project? These are the most common questions for every rookie developer.   

The reason behind this is simple; there are lots of front-end web development frameworks and valuable libraries available in the web market, such as React JS, Angular, Node JS, Vue JS, jQuery, Backbone JS, Ember JS, Meteor JS, Polymer, etc. Popularity depends on new entry, structure, trends, and project requirements.   

Like that, among all the JS frames, the most popular frameworks are Angular and React. But, unfortunately, most companies, newbies teams gets confused when try to decide on Angular vs React. In this blog we tried to help you understand the key points on Angular vs React and we significantly describe the differences between Angular & React to pick the right framework for your project.

In addition, you’re going to get ideas about which is easy to learn, angular or react? Why is React more popular than Angular? Uses of React & Angular and many more. So lets start rolling down to find out what you need to know most to start your project. 

What is Angular? 

angular framework

Giant Google developed Angular for their own work. It is now an old framework that is component-based. This development platform is built on Typescript. This scalable framework is quite famous due to two-way data binding & dependency injection.  

As a full-featured framework, it has huge support and backup. It helps develop dynamic and single-page (SPA) web apps. In addition, Angular supports the MVC structure. So, developers can write HTML syntax directly.   

Prerequisites For Using Angular 

  • HTML 
  • JavaScript 
  • Typescript 

Angular Framework Terminologies to Get Familiar With 

Components- Classes that interact with the Html files and get displayed on the browser. 

Services- A service is a function that is available for Angular applications.    

Modules- Angular module refers to a place to collect parts, directions, pipes, and services.  

Angular Pros 

  • Component-based architecture similar to MVC 
  • Typescript is better tooling 
  • Cleaner code and higher scalability 
  • RxJS is efficient, asynchronous programming  
  • Hierarchical dependency injection and universal support 
  • Backed by Google long-term  technological support 
  • Connected with material design now 
  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI 
  • Include IDEs, UI locations, universal server-side rendering 
  • Analytics tools, ASP .NET, data libraries, etc.  
  • Angular elements are reuseable 
  • Angular directives for adding or removing elements  
  • DOM tree as well as extend HTML capabilities.  

What Are the Drawbacks of Angular? 

A hierarchical tree-like architecture- Due to the layered structure, the Angular can be a difficult frame to fix.   

Performance Tradeoff- OLD devices will be super busy due to two-way data binding   

Coupled to JavaScript + Typescript- User needs to install JS for running Angular  

Heavily weighted framework- Good framed but heavy frame.   

Migration- The process is not very easy but is also not impossible.   

When to Choose Angular? 

Continuous Web Applications- It changes the power of application development, and it looks like Angular has the absolute ability to build a constant web app. 

Enterprise Web Apps- Angular depends on TypeScript. TypeScript has all features to build a business-related application.  

Applications With Flexible Content- Angular sets reasons for single-page requests—ideal for projects where content changes as varied as user behavior and movement. 

Where Should You Not Use Angular?   

Most of the time, Angular puts extra responsibility on unprofitable projects. So, you should not use Angular if you have plans to develop a project related to the given below.   

The Angular Framework is Not SEO Friendly 

Angular is less SEO-friendly. So, users need to make extra efforts to improve performance. Therefore, if your goal is to be top on search engine results, then Angular is not good to choose. 

Short-term Projects  

Angular project development should not be preferred strong in budget and resources. Furthermore, Angular language is hard to learn and manage a framework with a small team of engineers. 

Micro-service Approach 

Angular is not chosen for micro-service architecture due to flexibility in terms of tools selection. 

Lightweight Apps Having Static Content

For small projects, Angular programming adds some complexity only. So, it’s wise to avoid.   

Popular Web App Based on Angular Framework 

Forbes: Forbes is a globally popular magazine that represents strong characters.    

Google Voice: These telephone services are suitable for call-related services like forwarding and voicemail services and voice and text messaging.  

Google Messages: Messages app (formerly known as Android Messages) related to SMS, RCS, and instant messaging. Google developed it to run its Android mobile operating system.   

Google Play Books: Google Play Books is a highly recommended eBook digital distribution service. Google mainly operates it. But now, the part of it is on the Google Play product line. 

Microsoft Office Home: Microsoft Office is developed by Microsoft.   

Nike: Nike is a famous brand and American international organization. Mainly it works like design, development, production, and marketing. Nike sales sports clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. 

Freelancer: Freelancer means a pattern of work where they are self-employed and are not committed for the long run. 

Upwork: Upwork is an American freelancing platform for all sectors. In 2015, Elance and oDesk merged and named Upwork.   

General Motors: It is an automobile company. 

Paypal: PayPal Holdings, Inc. is one of the best multinational financial technology companies. It is an online payments system for most countries.    

Telegram: Telegraph is an instant messaging (IM) system. This service also provides encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and a few other features.   

What is React?  

react framework

React framework is the most favorite JavaScript library for building user interfaces in web and mobile apps. Facebook created the framework for their own work that allows you to make UI components. React language always uses server-side rendering for providing a flexible, performance-oriented solution.   

Generally, react usage in single-page or mobile applications. It is more enjoyable when working with state management and rendering. The applications need additional libraries for routing as well as client-side methods. 

Prerequisites for using React 

  • Minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Minimal understanding of ES6 features.   
  • Like let, Const, Arrow functions, Imports and Exports, Classes 
  • Minimal understanding of how to use NPM.    

React Framework Terminologies to Get Familiar With 

DOM- DOM means "Document Object Model". It is a programming skeleton for both HTML and XML documents.  

Virtual Dom- Virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where a good representation, or “visible”, UI is stored in memory and synchronized with a “real” DOM by a library similar to React DOM. 

JSX- JSX is a React extension that helps us write JavaScript-like HTML. 

Transpiler- A "transpiler" is one type of compiler that converts syntax one into another.  

Materials- Small building blocks elements for React applications.  

Parts- Parts are pieces of code independent and reusable. 

Hooks- Recently, hooks have been added in React 16.8.  

React Pros 

  • Short period of development  
  • Provides several ready-to-use components  
  • Codebases are reusable for both iOS and Android.  
  • React latest version speed up both build features and fix bugs 
  • React app written with React Native and Swift 
  • Fun to work with React 
  • Simplified UI firmly based on creating mobile UI 
  • React Native has a tremendous open-source platform   
  • Community to contribute the knowledge 

What Are the Drawbacks of React? 

Troubleshooting Problems- Developers may encounter various problems with package compatibility or debugging tools when working on React projects. 

Lack of Other Custom Modules- Though React framework matured now but still has some opportunities for some components. While upgrading custom modules, one can end up with three component codes (RN, Android, and iOS) instead of just one. 

Update problems- Too complex to update with React the latest version. 

Why Use React? 

Dashboards or Data Recognition Tools  

Dashboards or data recognition tools used by React situations. Especially in operational conditions such as BI and Machine-learning, they are essential for data identification. 

Partial Reuse 

You have the freedom to build reusable components to be more organized. In addition, virtual DOM helps to update quickly and efficiently. To track real data all-time, the screen needs to update continuously.   

The Benefits of SPA in a Social Networking App  

While a powerful social networking site uploads a new page to respond to all users' requests, the only part of the SPA will change when users click any button.  

Perform Social Sharing and SEO 

Basic SPA is provided on the client-side, which means that the built-in .js file is starting to download before the full page starts loading.   

Popular Web App Based on React  

Facebook: Facebook, Inc. The most popular communication platform with a technology company.  Now, it's under the tech company named is "Meta".  

Yahoo! Email: Yahoo! Email is one of the popular's email services launched on October 8, 1997. 

Khan Academy: "Khan Academy" is a non-profit educational company established in 2008 by Bollywood actor "Salman Khan" with an aim to help students by creating a set of online tools.  

WhatsApp: WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp easily, is a free American service, cross-platform centralized messaging (IM), and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service run by Facebook, Inc. 

Dropbox: Dropbox is a file management service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco and California. 

New York Times: NY Times is a New York City-based newspaper with some international readers.  

Netflix: Netflix, Inc. is a top American media service and the first software production company. 

Walmart: Walmart: Walmart Inc. is an American retailer that uses a network of hypermarkets (also called supercenters), discount stores, and grocery stores from the United States, the capital of Bentonville, Arkansas.  

Bloomberg: The boomerang is a tossed tool, often constructed as a flat airfoil, designed to rotate the axis facing the plane. 

Instagram: One of the most popular social networking sites created by Kevin System and Mike Krieger.  

Which is Better React VS Angular? 

Data Binding- React Over Angular 

The main difference between them is while React uses one-way data binding computations then Angular uses two-way data bindings. Changing the UI feature will also change the status of the corresponding Angular model.

However, React has one-way data binding methods. Some feel that Angular is initially easy, whereas React is recommendable for large projects with debugging.   

Performance- React/Angular 

Angular use of Standard DOM causes potential operational problems. 

According to measure performance, React has virtual DOM which is much faster due to its flexible functionality and virtual tree updates than the Angular DOM. 

Community- React Over Angular 

According to Angular and React Github Repositories, we can find significant differences between Angular VS React due to donation and involvement. React garnered 6.7 thousand viewers, while Angular has 3.2 thousand viewers.  

React has 151 stars, and Angular has less than 62,000 stars. React's & Github repository is 29.4 thousand times fork, and Angular fork is 16.9 thousand times. By 2020, React had 1,390 donations, and Angular with 1,129 grants.  

However, some years ago, the number of engineers using Angular was much higher than those using React. 

Testing- React and Angular Together 

You can use Jest as React project included it all over the project.  On the contradictory, Angular uses Jasmin for testing.   

Learning Curves: Angular VS React 

Angular learning curve is high compared to React with a low learning curve that is difficult to understand at first. 

Angular operating time correction often provides less useful information than React time error correction.  

Routing in Angular VS Routing in React 

In general, the route of the React and Angular handle is slightly different. Angular provides route service, but React requires engineers to install their own.  React uses the Router component like Angular's <router-outlet> </router-outlet>.  

Material Design- Angular VS React Storybook 

The basic design is an integrated system symbol of visual design, movement, and interaction.  

The main Angular design can be categorized by "Front-end Frameworks", while the React Storybook is compiled under "MVC Tools". An important Angular Design and React Storybook are both open-source tools.    

Angular VS React Scalability  

Angular is easy to scale and has a CLI. In order to build re-usable and scalable components React is a framework with the virtual DOM.  

Salary comparison- Angular & React

Angular- As per Glassdoor $69K - $118K 

React- As per Glassdoor $49K - $134K 

Final Words  

However, it is crucial to consider that React has a simple learning curve, leading to rapid development in the decision-making process, while Angular has many built-in functions.  

Both technologies are compelling, a clear development from the earliest days of a web system that improves, aids and speeds up development.    


Is Google using Angular? 

Angular is used in community-based applications like the Google cloud platform.  

Is Angular losing thunder? 

Angular does not die with thunder. Instead, attention has recently been diverted. 

Is Angular fun to work with? 

Angular learning curve is high compared to React, with a low learning curve that is difficult to understand at first. 

Is Angular still relevant in the coming years? 

Angular is a very mature framework, has good donor support, and is a complete package. 

Is React native dead? 

React Native is one of the powerful tools for creating applications. So, it is not dead at all. However, there may be other competitors trying to take its place. 

Is Tesla using React Native? 

The Tesla app is another app listed on React Native. They choose the most crucial part of Visualization. 

What are the top 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development? 

  • Angular 
  • Vue Js 
  • Backbone. Js 
  • Node Js 
  • Meteor 
  • Next Js 
  • Mithril JS. 
  • Aurelia 
  • Express.js 

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